Home Remedies for Fleas on Cats

You love your cat, but not the fleas that tend to appear the moment you bring a cat into your home. A single flea can quickly turn into an infestation if the problem isn’t dealt with immediately. However, chemicals can react badly with your cat. Not to mention chemical sprays, baths and powders tend to leave your cat and home smelling awful for days. Home remedies for your cat’s fleas often work better and are much cheaper.

First of all, deal with the immediate infestation. Clean all of your cat’s bedding by washing it in hot water. Add in a small amount of eucalyptus oil during the final rinse cycle. This will help repel future fleas. Depending on the severity of your fleas, you may need to repeat this process once a week until the fleas are gone.

Vacuum your entire home, not just the areas where your cat frequents. Fleas prefer your cat to you, but have no problem spreading throughout your home. After vacuuming, spread a very light layer of table salt on upholstery and carpet, especially in areas where your cat spends most of his or her time. This will drive out any fleas that weren’t vacuumed up. Immediately empty your vacuum bag outside. Continue vacuuming your home at least every other day until the fleas are gone.

Now it’s time to take care of your cat. First, brush your cat thoroughly to remove any existing fleas and eggs. Use a small flea comb to help catch the fleas. If there are more fleas than you can kill on the comb, dip the comb in a bucket of warm water. This stuns the fleas and kills eggs.

If your cat allows you to bathe it, draw up a flea bath for your cat. Add a few drops of tea tree oil or lavender essential oils to a small tub of water. Bath your cat thoroughly. You can also add fresh rosemary leaves to a tub of fresh warm water and allow your cat to soak for approximately ten minutes.

Since most cats hate water, a bath may not work for you. You can either create a spray or oil to help repel future fleas from your cat. Create a spray by cutting a fresh lemon into quarters. Boil the pieces and allow them to steep overnight. Spray on your cat the next day. Focus on the back, stomach and legs. Create a flea oil by mixing equal parts lavender oil, cedarwood essential oil and pure almond carrier oil in water. The less water, the stronger the oil. Spread on your cat.

Add garlic or garlic oil to your cat’s food. The scent will repel future fleas. This is especially useful if your cat likes to go outside. Don’t overdo the garlic or your cat may refuse to eat.

Every time your cat goes outside, new fleas will likely come in if you don’t prevent fleas outside. Place cedar chips along flowerbeds and around your home to repel fleas. Plant the herb tansy in flower beds and in pots on your porch as well.

Home remedies can both kill current fleas and prevent future infestations on your cat. Supplies can be found at most nutrition stores and online. You can also grow your own herbs. If you notice any skin irritations from oils or sprays, discontinue use immediately.


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