Home Remedies for Stomach Flu How to Defeat the Stomach Flu at Home

The stomach flu can be quite inconveniencing, especially when it hits you outside of your home. Being caught at work or school with a bad stomach is no joke. So when the dreaded stomach flu hits what is one to do? For starters you can hit the pharmacy and buy an over the counter aid, but wouldn’t it be nice to find a remedy in your own house that is safe and natural? Well, there are a lot of remedies hidden in your house that can be a great defense against the stomach flu. So, check the cabinets and closets and you may be surprised as what you can find to aid your hurting belly.

Let us start with the kitchen pantry. In the food cupboard there are a slew of remedies that you probably already have hidden behind that box of Lucky Charms. Tea can be a great remedy to try, as it has a great soothing effect on the tummy. The best teas to try are chamomile, peppermint and ginger. Peppermint and chamomile should be sipped throughout the day, but ginger only gingerly, no pun intended. Ginger, although good for soothing your stomach issues if drank in abundance can act as an irritant. When sipping tea you may want to try a have it with some dry toast to help calm your stomach. If you don’t like dry toast try spreading a small amount of jam or preserve on it, but stay away from greasy butter. 1

In the refrigerator there are a few items that may help to sooth your stomach when the flu kicks in. Sports drinks are a great help. I know you are probably not going to be in the mood to jump on the court at this point, but sports drinks are helpful when it comes to replenishing lost nutrients caused by vomiting or diarrhea. With the stomach flu you may feel nauseous, so a light carbonated drink such as ginger ale may help to cut down the queasiness. Another stomach aid may be plain yogurt, because of it “active cultures”. Again a little jam or preserve may be added to make it taste a bit better.

In the bathroom your best remedy for the stomach cramps that may be associate with the stomach flu is a nice warm bath. A warm bath may relax you and sooth the cramps. If nothing else it will give you a few moments alone. Your bathroom sink will also aid you in battling the stomach flu as germs are spread when they get in to your mouth. Washing your hands frequently may help prevent you from getting the flu.

Battling the flu at home is a great and safe method to rid yourself of the flu, but it is important to see your doctor if the virus persist. Also, just try and eat healthy on a daily basis with fruits and vegetable, so you will have a healthy immune system and become less susceptible to the virus.


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