Home Remedies for Swollen Glands

Almost all of us have suffered through a painful swollen gland. While for some the pain lasts a few hours, for others it can go on for days. Slowing you down on your daily routine, painful swollen glands also impede the movement of your neck and sometimes opening of your mouth.

Swollen glands are often not something to be overly worried about. However, they could be a precursor of things to come. Should you have persistent swelling in your glands, then a visit to the closest clinic would be advisable.

Understanding Swollen Glands

Before one launches into the remedies for swollen glands, it would make practical sense to understand why glands tend to swell. Also known as lymph nodes or glands, they form an important part of your immune system. It is within these glands that lymphocytes or your immune cells exist.

Lymph nodes or glands are wrapped around by connective tissue and you will find them on either side of your neck, in your armpits, inside your chest, your groin and in your abdomen and pelvis. Lymph nodes or glands swell when an illness spreads to them or is caused by some infection to them. There are however, several reasons for glands to swell and not all of them involve an serious illness.

Commonly glands swell rapidly during a viral or bacterial infection. In more grave ailments such as cancer, the swelling is gradual and not always accompanied by pain. Depending on the severity and causes of your swollen glands your doctor will prescribe pain-killers and appropriate medication. There are also a few home based remedies that could help alleviate your situation.

Simple Home Remedies for Swollen Glands

Painful as this may sound, one of the best ways to alleviate pain caused by swollen glands is to gently massage the area. Adjust the pressure you apply to ensure that you do not feel any pain as you massage. This will promote blood circulation to the affected area and you will feel the pain let up.

Another way to reduce the pain and bring down the swelling is by alternating compresses with hot and cold water. Take hot and cold water in two bowls. Using one towel, make a hot water compress and apply it to the swollen area. As the towel dries off, apply a cold water compress. You will find that the pain and swelling will reduce considerably. Alternately, you can use only a hot water compress to bring down the swelling.

Sore throats are often the causes of swollen neck glands. Gargle frequently with salt water to bring down the inflammation. Also try boiling two teaspoons of fenugreek seeds in water. Bring it to room temperature and then gargle with it. You will find relief.
Drink lukewarm water that has a bit of fresh lemon juice and some honey. This works on bringing down both the pain and the infection. Should you be on antibiotics, then this is also a soothing support to the harsh medication.

Increase your consumption of garlic and switch to chamomile tea. A concoction of basil leaves and cinnamon powder boiled in water for little less than half hour will also prove beneficial. Sipping on this thrice a day will ease your pain. Yet another helpful drink can be made of milk that has been boiled with a pinch of pepper and turmeric powder. Make sure you drink this for a minimum of three nights.

Building your immunity will help you prevent painful swollen glands. A healthy diet and good lifestyle is a natural way to this.


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