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The only thing certain about a toothache is that it is going to strike in the middle of the night. You are deep in the arms of Morpheus and suddenly the niggling, gnawing, totally annoying pain appears in one of your molars. Your dentist is not going to be happy about a midnight call. The only other option you can look at till you can head out to the clinic is to look for some quick and easy home remedies to tackle the toothache.

Everybody knows that a little bit of clove oil applied on the aching tooth is going to relieve the pain until the time that you can get to a dentist. Many people do not know that the application of clove oil is effective only because it numbs the tissue. In fact clove oil applied to any paining muscle in any part of the body is going to give you a sense of relief. That is why it is such an essential part of pain relieving ointments for aching muscles. But do not assume in any way that this temporary relief is the actual cure. It might get you through the night but it is likely to come back in full force and with renewed vengeance sooner or later. Many people think that they can keep the pain at bay by applying the oil again and again and that the toothache will finally give up and disappear. That is just going to leave you with raw gums.

Some tribes and cultures who had the unusual tendency of chewing tobacco knew that it was very effective against toothache. Stains left upon their teeth were the least of their concerns. Vanity was not really a thing of pursuit then. Although the Surgeon General has issued a warning that tobacco is harmful for our health little bit of powdered tobacco applied upon the aching tooth is quite effective in taking the pain away temporarily.

A toothache might be because of problems in the teeth or in the jaw. These could include dental cavities, exposed roots, gingivitis, and even diseases of the jaw bone. A toothache can get easily aggravated if you eat or drink hot and cold foodstuffs and beverages. Cold weather can also aggravate the situation.

Here are some more home remedies for fixing that toothache temporarily.

  • Do not eat too hot and too cold food when you are suffering from a toothache.
  • Mix some powdered clove in peanut butter. Apply it to the tooth and keep it there for a little while.
  • Gargle with a saltwater solution.
  • Powder some burnt turmeric and then brush your teeth with it.
  • Chew some ginger, slowly. Do this to extract the juices. A repetition of this a couple of times, is going to help your toothache.
  • Vanilla extract is also good for toothache. Just rub a couple of drops onto the aching tooth.

You have to keep in mind though that these home remedies are stop-gap solutions. You need to go to the dentist as quickly as possible to stop the condition of the tooth from deteriorating further.


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