Home Remedy for Colon Cleansing

Natural colon cleansing is an ancient practice. One of the main reasons for colon cleansing is the belief that undigested food creates a buildup of mucus in the colon which produces toxins that cause a host of physical health conditions. A few conditions that are commonly attributed to a sluggish colon are headaches, constipation, abdominal pain, flatulence and lethargy. Whether the colon actually needs any help in cleansing itself remains debatable though many people swear that a colon cleansing improves their overall health.

There are several products on the market such as teas that claim to cleanse the colon. A person may also choose to visit a colon cleansing therapist but more people are choosing to use home remedies for colon cleansing. There are many home remedies to choose from but it is important to keep in mind that colon cleansing can also deprive the body of needed vitamins and nutrients.

The safest and most natural home remedy for cleansing the colon is to change your dietary habits. If you want to cleanse your colon naturally, you should make sure that you are getting an adequate amount of fiber in your diet. If you don’t eat enough fiber, consider taking a fiber supplement. Limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol. Drink more water instead. A diet that includes adequate fiber and water consumption is necessary for proper elimination.

You can also help cleanse your colon naturally by cutting back on red meat consumption and dairy products. Cut down on sugar and processed food. Bad eating habits can result in an unhealthy colon. If you’re not eating healthy you can’t expect to feel healthy. You may end up feeling tired, bloated and lacking energy. A change in eating habits can increase your energy, stamina and leave you feeling healthier overall. Increasing your intake of fruits and vegetables can help cleanse your colon, help you to lose weight and provide you with several vitamins and minerals necessary for healthy bodily function.

Regular exercise is another way to cleanse your colon and aid in proper digestion. Exercise is a necessary component for proper colon function and regular elimination. It is not necessary to engage in strenuous exercise or join a gym, although it is something you may want to consider if your health permits. Walking is a great form of exercise. It is free and can be done at any time or anywhere. Try to walk more often. For example, walk to work or the store rather than taking the car. Increasing the amount of moderate exercise you get on a regular basis can help cleanse your colon and increase your energy levels. It also helps to burn calories which is an added benefit if you’re trying to lose weight.

Remember, there are several ways to cleanse the colon such as using laxatives or fasting but such home remedies may not always be healthy. Fasting can deprive your body of nutrients it needs to function properly. Laxatives can cause stomach distress such as abdominal cramps and pain. If you want to cleanse your colon naturally, do so by changing your eating habits. Consult your physician before making an attempt at home to cleanse your colon by other methods.


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