Homemade Gift Baskets From the Heart


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Gifts
Published on 02-20-2009

Do you want a creative and unique gift for someone? Are you trying to think of a personalized gift that the person can use and enjoy? Create a homemade gift basket from the heart. There are a variety of homemade gift basket ideas. You can use generic ideas or create your own masterpiece.

It is easy to find inexpensive baskets to use for homemade gift baskets. Visit your local discount store, thrift store or dollar store. You can also find unique baskets at yard sales and flea markets. If you are planning to make a homemade gift basket, you can also think outside of the box. You do not need to use a basket at all. For example, a colorful bucket could be packed with items to make the perfect gift.

You can create a homemade gift basket to meet the personality and interests of the person for whom you are creating the gift. There are many homemade gift basket ideas for any occasion and any person. You can create a basket based upon a person’s hobbies or special interests. For example, if you are making a basket for a man who loves football you can create a basket around the theme of his favorite baseball team. Place a t-shirt, football cap, a football and other football items.

If you are creating a gift basket for a woman who loves to take and printer her own family photos, design a basket around that theme. You could place a scrapbook and supplies in the basket. Place different sized picture frames in the basket. There are any number of items you can include that will be useful to your friend or loved one while also providing a thoughtful and useful gift.

You can design a basket with items to pamper the receiver of the gift. Give a woman hand soap, body wash, shampoo, scented candles and any other gifts that you know she will use when she has time for a little rest and relaxation. Give a man a basket with his favorite snacks and some movies and music for him to enjoy on his downtime. Be creative and you will find that special gift basket idea for anyone.

You can also use a gift basket to spruce up a gift card or gift certificate. Place the gift certificate in the basket along with other small gifts and trinkets that you know the person will enjoy.

There are many items that make great gifts for gift baskets. Consider some common homemade gift basket ideas to get you started. CDs, DVDs and small electronics make excellent gifts for gift baskets. Stationary and other office supplies are also very popular for gift baskets. You can place candles, photo frames and even jewelry in a gift basket. Gift baskets with toys and children’s books make excellent gifts for children. If you think outside of the box, you can easily create a unique gift basket.

You cannot just throw items in a basket to create a great gift. You will want to select colorful, fun or unique baskets (or other items to hold the gifts). Use colorful tissue paper or other color wrap to enclose all the gifts. Use pretty bows or fancy ribbons on the gift basket. Make a gift basket for your friends and family members by putting your tender loving care into the design and creation of the gift basket.


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