Homemade Gifts for Your Boyfriend


Authored by Rodney Southern in Dating, Gifts 
Published on 01-24-2009

Homemade gifts for your boyfriend are a great way to show you care without spending a bundle. In addition, homemade gifts show off your talent and your willingness to put time into a relationship. Depending upon the skills you possess, there are several different types of homemade gifts for your boyfriend that you can make.

If you can knit or crochet, there are many different homemade gifts for your boyfriend that you can make, including (roughly in order of difficulty) scarves, iPod cases, hats, sweaters, gloves, socks, blankets, or more. Some of these patterns can be made in as quickly as five hours, and people who don’t know how to knit or crochet will be very impressed!

If needlework is not among your skills, cooking and baking are great ways to come up with homemade gifts for your boyfriend. Cookies, cakes, pies and tarts are appreciated by men of all kinds, and if cooking is more your thing than baking (they really are different skills), a pot of chili, homemade soup, a roast chicken, Fettucine Alfredo or Steak Diane all make excellent homemade gifts for your boyfriend. Or you could go to a craft store and buy a chocolate making kit and make heart-shaped chocolate lollipops for him.

If you don’t cook or knit or crochet, you may have to look a little farther for ideas for homemade gifts for your boyfriend. If it’s Christmastime, buy some mini bottles of liqueur and turn them into a set of Christmas tree ornaments by gluing hangers to them and then decorating them as angels, toy soldiers, and similar characters. At other times of the year you can go to a paint your own pottery studio and make him a decorative plate or statue with your initials and your anniversary on it. Get a photograph of you blown up and decorate it with beads and cording. Buy a candle-making kit or soap-making kit and scent it with your perfume so when you’re not around he can think of you.

Homemade gifts for your boyfriend don’t have to be material objects either. Make him a mix tape with songs that remind you of him and write liner notes explaining why you chose those songs. Write him a poem telling him how you feel about him, or record a video on your webcam telling him the reasons you love him. These kinds of homemade gifts can be even more memorable than cooking or knitting. Very few people take the time these days to express their love to each other and making that extra effort, even if it’s possible that it will result in embarrassment (after all, we’re not all Elizabeth Barrett Browning), is a touching gesture that just can’t be faked. This is why a simple love letter can be the very best of all of the possibilities of homemade gifts for your boyfriend.


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