Homemade Hair Remedies For Everyone

Attaining a beautiful, shiny, dandruff-free crown need not require a thousand trips to an expensive beauty salon. The alternative is using common household items that would serve as a natural remedy for all hair dilemmas.

There are several ways to bring back moisture to dry hair, and this would also be beneficial to those who simply want to maintain moisture and glow. The first option is applying olive oil on the scalp, leave on for an hour and rinse. For a better result, soak a towel in warm water and wrap around the head, doing so would open the pores in the scalp and enable the oil to seep through.

Another home-made concoction that has proven to be effective is the combination of crushed avocado and egg yolk, leave on the hair for at least fifteen minutes before rinsing with shampoo. As an alternative to avocado, a mixture of egg yolk with two teaspoons of castor oil massaged onto the head would also do the trick.

As strange as it may sound, mayonnaise can be used as an alternative for conditioner. Around half a cup of mayonnaise applied on damp hair, lathered and left on for a minimum of twenty minutes before rinsing off with shampoo would also leave hair shiny and soft.

The last option which takes a little more effort is the sunflower and wheat germ oil combo. Mix a cup of sunflower oil with a cup of wheat germ oil in a pan, leave on very low heat for around 1 minute and lather the mixture onto the hair. Leave for 5 minutes, and then mix lukewarm water with one table spoon of lemon to rinse off.

Try one or several of the options and stick to the one that best suits the hair – or the one that is widely available at home!

For natural highlights, there is an easy way to speed up the sun’s effects to the hair color. The sun can only bring out the natural highlights of the hair though so if a brunette seeks to get blonde highlights, this home-made concoction is not the answer. For those looking for the natural effect, squeeze lemon juice in a cup and add in with a third amount of water. Place it in an atomizer and spray over the hair before going out in the sun. This can be done daily until the desired color is achieved. Continuously use hair conditioner through the process to prevent the hair from being dry and dull.

For those who are suffering from dandruff, there are two homemade remedies to choose from. The first is mixing about a table spoon of vinegar with a cup of water, and pour onto the scalp. Leave for five minutes before rinsing with shampoo. Another way is to place coconut oil in very low heat for 2 minutes, ensuring that the concoction is not too hot. With a cotton ball, carefully apply the warm coconut oil on the scalp and leave it on overnight. In the morning, squeeze around 4 lemons in a cup and pour on the head, leave for 30 minutes before rinsing off with shampoo. Do one of these regimens until hair is dandruff-free.

Home regimens are cheap, effective and fun when done with a companion. Try getting a sister or a friend and offer to take turns in applying the home-made concoctions.


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