Horse Training Guide


Authored by Sanketa Nayak in Recreation and Sports
Published on 11-23-2008

When you own a horse, giving it proper grooming and care is not enough. You also need to provide training. Horse training is a process in which you teach the animal various techniques in order for them to perform a specific action. If you don’t have a clue on horse training, there are modules that could give you information. There are also trainings that targets specific technique making a horse expert in a specific area. You might want to teach your horse how to transport, how to race and other things that could make the horse productive and useful.

Today, horses are usually trained for entertainment and sports purpose. There are modules for horse training that deals with crowd control, circus acts, movie acts and others. The main purpose of horse training is to actually make the horse become an expert when it comes to performing task that you need. Ideally horse training should be started when the horse are still young. Although you can’t yet ride them, you can teach them basic skills.

Horses that are one to two years of age can be taught different training modules. Desensitization, driving in ground and biting are the most common ones. All of these techniques are aimed for the purpose of developing the horse. After completing the basic training, it is best to follow it with riding technique. Some of them would include mounting, backing and the like. Young horses are needed to be trained not to be afraid of people so that riding training would not be a problem at all. The horses should already know how to respond to basic commands. Once the horse has mastered the basic techniques, he or she can now take on advance training methods.

Before starting with advance methods, it is advisable to take note of some factors like the ability of the horse. A horse training track is important before starting on any method. You also need to have equipments that are made specifically for horse training. This can definitely help when you want to train your horse at a fast rate.

Horses are needed to be trained so that riding them would be safe and enjoyable. It doesn’t matter for what purpose it may serve, horses need to learn the basics like stop, back, circle, go straight and simple maneuvers. As a trainer, it is recommended that you know the concepts when it comes to training a horse. One of your jobs is to guide the horse and allow them to move in natural way. In order to do this you need to communicate well with the horse. Getting frustrated is not a good idea when training a horse. Physically mistreating will only teach the horse to fear. If you think that you are becoming frustrated, it is a good idea to take a break. You need to exercise patience. It will be better if you practice with an experience trainer. Remember that horses learn at different rates. Don’t set a time line. It is very important to end every training session with accomplishment, no matter how big or small it is.


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