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Hosted pbx for better business communications and improved functionality

Private Branch Exchange (PBX) is a relatively new concept that was designed keeping in mind the growing needs of the private business owners. As the older phone technology was turning out to be extensively expensive for business owners the need to develop sophisticated and economic phone services came into being, which gave rise to PBX. PBX is just like a central exchange office, except it is smaller in size, is privately held and can accommodate from 10 to 10,000 subscribers or extensions at one time as per the need of the users. This system became extremely popular among companies as each phone only needed an extension and not a separate number which drastically reduced the phone bill expenses among companies.

With the passage of time PBX has become more sophisticated in the sense that it offers more features as compared to what it was offering earlier. As the conventional PBX system only allowed the users to allot an extension to a particular person; companies like Convergia made use of the latest technologies to improve the existing hosted/hybrid PBX systems by adding features like voice mail, auto attendants, remote extensions, call management, and fax to e-mail service on the same hardware. Some modern systems even come with voice enabled auto attendants. The most beneficial aspect is that it also allows the users to add new features on the same systems. By simply installing the new software and changing the settings the users can take advantage of latest features available with PBX.

The hybrid PBX systems with modern features have proved especially beneficial for small and medium businesses. Not only does it allow them to save on installation and maintenance but the companies have noticed a great reduction in their phone bills. All those long distance and international calls could now be made with the help of internet thus saving thousands on phone bills. It is also helpful as it also allows the employees to access their phones while away from office. So, it means that you can have access to your phone from anywhere and at any time thus ensuring never to lose a client, simply because you were not at the office.

In addition, to all the above mentioned advantages these latest feature also helps in leaving a good impression on the clients. With the help of hybrid PBX the clients can directly reach the desired person that ultimately saves their time and leaves an impression that yours is a managed and a professional firm. Keeping in mind the competition that follows it has become essential for companies to make use of these latest hosted/hybrid PBX services.

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