Hostgator Web Hosting Review

While for most of the web hosts we often wonder whether or not to recommend the web host to people, there is no such doubt with Hostgator. With Hostgator we do not use the word “Perhaps” if we are asked whether to recommend it. The answer is always in the positive.


Although they are to start Windows Hosting in the near future, Hostgator offers Linux hosting with all its features. There are the Swamp Packages and the Baby Packages which allow you to get unlimited domains. This does make sense if you have a number of websites. The cpanel which is now the best control panel around is used by them. The source scripts would be installed by a few clicks with their Script installer, Fantastico.

They support Ruby on Rails, Python, Cron Jobs and PHP4 AND 5 and so on. These packages would include the POP3 accounts (which are 20 in case of Hatchling and unlimited in case of the others).


Hostgator hosts their websites on the Dual Xeon servers in Dallas, their data centers. The data centers connect to the ten backbone providers and they are well equipped. They offer a 99.9% of Uptime guarantee which is the Industry Standard. A testimonial says that a week’s record with Hostgator hosting shows a 99.78% of uptime for a test site hosted with the company and though it is less than 99.78%, Hostgator showed the best performance out of the 4 web hosts that were tested. There has never been a single case where the website had been down more than 3 minutes all together at a stretch.


The pricing of the Hostgator is reasonable when the bandwidth and the space are considered. Recently the bandwidth and the space have been increased unimaginatively.

The prices of all the plans have also been reduced by the pre payment options for 24 months and 34months respectively. The monthly payment plan is costlier than the 12 months payment. For websites that have reasonably large traffic coming in, the Hostgator plans are quite sufficient. In short, Hostgator offers a fair price with enough resources catering to a shared web host.


Hostgator offers a superior customer service, 24/7 for 365 days in a year for the toll free support it brings for the clients. They have their tutorials which is very informative and educative. There is the knowledge base and the ticket system. They have a forum that is very much active is fixing small issues. The support ticket system yields a faster service and response is received in a few hours.


Hostgator offers some promotional coupons which give a twenty percent off or a price less of $9.94. You may choose any depending on the amount of your bill.

Hostgator – all positive

Hostgator has all the positives. The only negative is perhaps it does not have a Windows Hosting which is preferred by some. It will have Windows Hosting very soon.


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