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Hotel chic

  • By Alexandra Thomas
  • Published 06/2/2012

Many of us come back from a stay at a luxury hotel and want to get the look at home; in reality however we don’t all have someone to make the bed every day. That doesn’t mean you can’t create an interior just as chic as we show you how.

Designer Furniture

You’ll rarely find a hotel, well any good hotel without a smattering of designer furniture. From Eames loungers, to Louis Ghosts, hotel chic and original designer furniture go hand in hand. Of course, decking your entire home out in originals isn’t cheap but there’s no reason why you can’t indulge in one or two pieces. Mixing and matching is a great idea if your budget won’t stretch, so try using a thrift shop retro dining table and using designer chairs for an eclectic mix.


Ever noticed how hotels get their lighting just right? True, they’ve probably had some super cool interior designer in but you can just as easily get the look. The trick here is to make sure you cover all your bases and have appropriate lighting for every room. Dining rooms will benefit from a statement chandelier or pendant as well as a couple of wall lights while living areas will need a central light source as well as table and floor lamps. Beside table lamps are a must for the bedroom and don’t forget to add other light sources such as lamps for your dressing area.

Bed Linen

Ask most people what they remember about a hotel stay and it’s usually the amazing bed linen. True that could be because there’s someone to make the bed but chances are it’s the sleeping in high quality cotton sheets! And while it’s down to you if you can afford a chambermaid, getting the bed linen is easy. Put quite simply, you should buy the best you can afford. The higher the thread count, the better quality the bed linen – The White Company is a safe bet for classic crisp white sheets and is also a good choice when it comes to top of bed accessories such as cushions and throws, all of which are essential for creating a hotel look.


While you might not have the budget some hotel chains do for artwork, that doesn’t necessary mean you can’t replicate the look in your home. We’re not suggesting you rush out and buy an original Rothko but a couple of well-framed prints can look equally as good. If you do fancy the idea of owning some original artwork, the Affordable Art Fair is a good bet for finding the next big thing and have it hanging on your wall.

About the Author : Alexandra Thomas shows you how to use everything from modern furniture to the finest bed linen to get the hotel look at home.



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