Hottest Toys for 2008


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Parenting
Published on 05-18-2009

If you missed out on some of the best toys from last year, read over this list of popular toys from 2008. Perhaps you will still want to look for some of these toys for your own kids.

Hannah Montana products are always popular. The year 2008 was no exception with the Hannah Montana Malibu Beach House. This is a playhouse for kids that is designed like Hanna Montana’s house on the show. There are at least 80 accessories that come with this playhouse. Kids can use their imagination and their dolls while playing Hannah Montana. Hanna Montana dolls were also popular in 2008 especially for use in the playhouse.

Elmo is loved by children every year. It seems there are always new versions of the cute little Sesame Street Character. Last year, Elmo Live took center stage. He talks, sings, tells jokes and even moves around. He is enjoyed by both kids and grownups.

Wall-E was selling fast in 2008. This was an talking version of Wall-E. He moved around, talked and entertained children and adults. It seemed as if everyone wanted this adorable robot last year especially around Christmas time.

Who can forget Barbie Doll?: Each year versions of Barbie along with Barbie gear and accessories are hot items for holidays and children’s birthdays. Last year Barbie and the Diamond Castle Princess Liana were quite popular. This Barbie doll is able to sing songs from the movie version of Barbie and the Diamond Castle.

Kids always love pets and if they cannot have a real pet, they would love the Fur Real Friends Biscuit My Loving Pup. This product was very popular last holiday season. This life size dog is even able to respond to commands. He is cute and adorable and loved by little kids.

Children who didn’t love the interactive dog might have loved the Interactive dinosaur. This toy was not life size, of course, but was a big toy for children to enjoy while learning more about dinosaurs.
One of the most popular remote control cars in 2008 was the Air Hogs Zero Gravity car. These cars can be driven upside down and up all the way up the walls. Kids can literally use the remote control to drive their car on the ceiling. These cars caught the intention of boys, girls, moms and dads.

Of course, game consoles were also very popular last year as with any year. Kids loved the Nintendo Wi. Teenagers and adults also enjoy this gaming system and all the cool games they could find. Other electronic gizmos and games were also hot items in 2008.

If you missed out on these toys last year, check your local stores to find out which of the items are still available for purchase. Keep your eyes open for the hottest sellers in the toy department this year. The latest trends in toys are always changing. What is popular today might not be popular tomorrow. Of course, there are always toy styles and designs that stay popular throughout time.


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