House Training Border Terrier


Authored by Kristian Keefer in Dogs 
Published on 05-17-2009

If you have a new Border Terrier, you might be looking for some advice on how to get him or her house trained. Your dog will need to go outside for a “potty” break quite often for the first few weeks. You will need to be patient and gentle with your dog as they learn to go outside rather than having accidents on the inside.

When you are home, you should try to take your dog outside or let your dog outside (if you have a fenced in yard) at least once each hour. Of course, you are not likely to let them out so frequently during the night. Do not be surprised though if you need to get up a couple times during the night to let your new puppy outside.

Whenever your dog has a significant amount to drink, let your dog out. You should also take your dog out to avoid messes in your house after they get up from a nap or from sleeping during the night. At times like those you will want to wait until your dog is done with their business rather than rushing to have them come back inside before they are finished.

If you are patient with your border terrier puppy, you will see timely results when house training them. They are a dog that likes to make their owners happy. They will respond to your gentle patience. Do not be in a hurry for your dog to come back inside when you need to leave him or her out.

You should take your puppy to the areas in your yard where you want them to potty. This will help them to learn to do their business in a similar area each time rather than throughout the yard. Yes, this does mean that for the first few weeks you will need to take the time to go out with your dog while they potty rather than just letting them out the door or tying them out on a leash.

Be kind to your dog even when they have an accident. Do not get harsh with your border terrier even if they are not house training as quickly as you think they should. Some dogs will take longer than others to train. Yelling or scolding your dog will not result in them training faster. In fact, being impatient with your dog might cause him or her to take longer to train.

When your dog is first learning to go outside for the potty, you should give them a treat. Help them to realize that they are doing a good job each time they go outside and go potty. A reward will encourage your dog to keep doing what they are supposed to and can help with house training.

You might need to leave your border terrier in a spacious dog cage when you are not going to be home. This is not something you need to do for the long haul, but rather while your dog learns to house train. Dogs do not like to stay in the same area as one of their messes and so they will not potty in their cage while they are in their for the day.

It is not as hard to train your border terrier as you think if you follow some simple tips.


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