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How apple iphone attract people¡¯s eyeballs

  • By Pam Green
  • Published 11/10/2010
  • Poetry

The iPhone is declared to be thrown into the market by Steven Jobs, the CEO of Apple Inc. in January ninth, 2007. The brand new communicating machine perfectly and creatively combines the mobile phone, tangible wide screen iPod and the function of desk-level e-mail, wed-browsing, searching and mapping. IPhone is a palmtop device combining photo phone, personal digital assistant, media player and radio communicating equipment.IPhone is a GSM model cell phone with four frequency sections, supporting EDG and 802.11b/g wireless internet-surfing (iPhone 3G supports the WCDMA internet surfing), supporting the email, mobile phone, short message, web browsing and other wireless communicating service. The iPhone has no keyboard, instead producing Multi-touch screen creatively, which has a competitive advantage compared to the other cell phone.

IPhone comprises function of iPod media player, the Mac OS X operation system and a camera head with 200 million pixels. In addition, the phone is built-in a sens

or, which can automatically adjust the direction of screen display according to hand-setting way of the horizontal or vertical direction. Plus iPhone (the forth generation) uses the 1GHz Apple A4 processor.The function of mobile phone, wide screen and internet-surfing device are combined as integration. Via the Multi-Touch technology, phone number can be dialed by a light flip and the procedure application is as easy as rolling off a log. The words and pictures can be directly copied and pasted from the internet. The complete dialogue or the important part can be transited. Spotlight Search is capable to search all sorts of contents in the iPhone, comprising the contact persons, email, calendar and memo and so on. The audio memo can record and share your inspiration, meeting record or voice any time any where.In the mainland, the iPhone is extensively used. It can be bought in the internet stores or physical stores, which has been contributing to the country’s communicating industrial development and solving the employment problems. The iPhone is no doubt a great product.



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