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How Can You Uninstall Norton Antivirus For Your Macintosh PC?

There is no doubt; Norton Antivirus software provides high-end security solutions for your PC. But sometimes, due to some technical glitches can push you to remove Norton antivirus from your system. For a Windows subscriber, it can be a bit easy task but what if you have a Mac PC. It is not a thing to dishearten as we bring to your exact set of instructions for uninstall of Norton Antivirus from Mac Operating System. Before you go forward, do keep in mind that once the process is completed your PC will not have any security method to track or fight any internal or external risk. Thus, before you uninstall it, subscribe the newer version or some other Antivirus software in advance. This will help you to keep small to potential bugs at bay.

Step by Step Instruction set

Step 1: In the First step, please turn off all the programs running on your Mac system.

Step 2: After that you open the Macintosh hard drive.

Step 3: Then you choose the Application folder. After selecting that folder you have to search for Norton Solution folder Under the Application folder.

Step 4: After getting this Norton Solution folder, open this folder.

Step 5: Then search the Norton Uninstaller icon. After getting that icon click on it.

Step 6: Now, you will have to follow the commands in the Norton Uninstaller program and clear each Norton product from it.

Step 7: Once the uninstall process is done, then you get the authorization message “Select OK”.

Step 8: After click “OK”, you may get a note that: No Norton products are available to uninstall, but you can overlook that error and finish the Norton Uninstaller program.

Step 9: Finally you “Restart” the computer.

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