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How CD duplication process differs from CD replication procedure

When the question arises about making CDs in bulk amount, disk makers uses various methods of CD production. However, there are two types of CD making procedures that makers do adopt to create a bulk amount of CDs. these two processes are known as CD duplication process and CD replication process. Many buyers have this notion that both these procedures are same. However, there are major differences between these two procedures. What are those differences? Before knowing about this factor, you first need to know about this procedure in brief.

Know about CD duplication process:-

In the CD duplication process, a duplicator machine is used. Using this machine the data from the master CD is extracted and writes it on the blank CD. Disk manufacturing companies who carry out CD duplication process uses large machines to carry out this duplication process to create bulk duplicate CDs. Using this process, provide various kinds of advantages.

One of the effective benefits of this service is the CD duplicator makes the entire duplication process much faster and easier for the disk maker. Another alternate method that disk makers can adopt is the online CD duplication process. This online duplication process does allow the user to create a duplicate CD in similar way.

Know about CD replication process:-

CD replication process is a bit complicated method. Machines like glass master and metal stamper are used to inject the data from the master CDs to the replicate CDs. the integrity of the master CD is first tested. According to that, the stamper is inserted into the machine known as molding machine. In this machine, the data from the master CD is physically stamped on the replicate copy that is created. This replicated CD has a polycarbonate coating over its surface. To protect this coating, thin aluminum coating is used to protect the CD from getting damaged.

One of the major benefits for which CD replication process is adopted because the whole process is automated one. The replicate CDs that are being created are quite well standard.

Differences between CD duplication and CD replication process:-

Now the question is what the difference lies between these two procedures. Some of these differences are as follows:-

·         The number of duplicate CD created by using the CD replication process is large at number as compared to the CD duplication process.

·         In duplication process, the disk maker can add extra data to the duplicate copies even after the duplication process is completed. However, in case of replication process such benefit is not available.

·         When you choose replication process, you not only receive the CDs with the data copied from the master CD but also design packaging is complete. In case of the duplication process, it is only the duplicate CD that you receive.

These are some of the major difference that lies between CD duplication and replication process. Are you planning to adopt any one of the procedure? Before that you need to check the expense that you require to adopt the chosen process.

Locate CD duplication or replication process at an affordable price:-

If you are looking for CD duplication or replication at an affordable price, get in touch with online disk maker companies. There are numerous online stores that can provide such services at much lower prices as compare to other existing one.

Compare the price quote of different online stores before choosing the final one.

Author Bio: Mia Jones is a technology geek, a gadget expert and a web analyst. She is associated with software development, software testing tool design and QC (Quality Check). Mia also writes for technology sites on a part-time basis. In her latest article on CD Printing services, she shares some interesting ideas and helpful resources. Mia suggests her readers to consult Nationwide Disc (http://www.nationwidedisc.com ) for CD packaging related information.


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