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How do I keep my pens organized…


My super organized system for storing pens.

The other day on Twitter, @michaelramm asked how I and a few other folks keep their pens organized, and I promised to get a picture up this weekend, so here it is.

Now I wouldnt call this keeping them “organized” but it is how I keep them. icon_smile-4121525  This is the drawer for a Levenger item that I have, and I decided to dedicate one drawer of it to pens for now.

I dont keep my fountain pens or other more expensive pens in there.  Those pens usually get kept on my home desk, work desk, and in my Levenger Circa notebooks.  You can see lots of Sharpies, Post-it Flag pen/highlighters, and Uniball Signos in there.  I’ve also got a bunch of Signos, a Stainless Steel Sharpie, and Post-it pens that are in packages yet, so those dont go in that drawer or else they would take up too much room.

I plan on doing a review of the Levenger item that this drawer belongs to shortly, so that is why I am intentionally not giving away too many details on this one.

Hope everyone is having a great weekend.

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