How Do Stop Smoking Injections Work?

At a certain point, every smoker wants to quit. The risk posed to a person’s health by smoking cannot be overstated. It’s the leading cause of preventable death, and quitting as early as possible minimizes the risk of serious diseases. Of course, if it was easy to quit, every smoker would quit as soon as he wanted to. Unfortunately, it’s not. It can take a great deal of willpower and medical help to stop smoking successfully.

Some smokers consider stop smoking injections as a possible way to end their addictions. Stop smoking injections are very effective, with a success rate of about 75%. Other stop smoking methods have much lower success rates. Before considering stop smoking injections, though, it’s important to know how the injections actually work.

The Method

Stop smoking injections contain Scopolamine or Atropine. These chemicals inhibit brain receptors that recognize nicotine. As a result, the smoker’s craving for nicotine is all but eliminated. It is an outpatient procedure that requires three injections and several hours of time. Some patients undergo stop smoking injections over several days. A trained medical professional is necessary. Overdoses of either drug can be potentially life threatening.

After the injections, smokers should not feel the need to smoke. The nicotine need is literally cut off at its source. Pills and patches are provided to help the smoker after the treatment.

Are Stop Smoking Injections Right For You?

As mentioned before, stop smoking injections are extremely effective. However, they’re not safe for everybody. Your doctor will perform a medical examination to make sure you’re able to safely take the drugs. Pregnant women cannot use stop smoking injections to quit. Other high-risk groups may be denied the procedure. Even after the physical smoking addiction is broken, smokers may still want to smoke. For this reason, it’s a good idea to engage in counseling after the injections. This will improve the possibility of your success.

Cost should be considered when looking at stop smoking injections. However, if your health insurance company knows that you smoke, they may cover the treatment. Be ready for medical observation before and after the treatment. A lack of medical observation could be potentially dangerous for stop smoking injection patients.

Side Effects

There can be potentially serious side effects with stop smoking injections. Immediate side effects include nausea, dizziness, and problems with urination. These are fairly rare, and will present themselves almost immediately after an injection. More serious side effects include heart attacks, strokes, and potentially life threatening complications. These serious side effects are also rare. They’re especially uncommon if a patient has undergone the proper medical evaluations before stop smoking injections are administered.

If you’re interested in stop smoking injections, talk to your doctor. You’ll be able to get more information, including pricing. Stop smoking injections may seem like a drastic move for some smokers, but any method that helps you quit is ultimately a good move for your health. If everything is done correctly, you should have nothing to worry about.

If you’ve used stop smoking injections to quit, share your story. Post in our comments section below.


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