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How do you dress in the life?

  • By cherry luice
  • Published 01/28/2011
  • Copywriting

At first, dress in the office.           A recent college graduate beginning a career in a conservative business establishment and owning a wardrobe of jeans, work shirts, and T-shirts will have to invest in some new clothes. In some institutions women know what wear skirts, but in some other types of jobs women wear pants. For example: banks and financial institutions, insurance companies, foundations. I think women should have a fashion dictate and only dress in good taste. Because of good taste does not require a major investment in designer originals, good taste means dressing in an understated rather than overstated manner and without flamboyance and faddishness.     Then, I want to introduce the party dress.       There is no excuse for anyone’s arrival at an evening function in office attire, looking disheveled and slightly dirty. You can make yourself cleaned teeth, combed hair, a different and dressier pair of shoes, and some sparkly jewelry, and you must wear long dress for the party.   Finally, dress in the faddishness and sports!         A woman who chooses a sundress in summer with bare legs and open-toe, high-heeled sandals keeps this look for her personal time.   If you like wear sports, you can dress a shirt, and open with a chain and pendant around your neck . These knitted sports t-shirts can be worn with short pants, skirts as well as jeans. These knitted sports t-shirts are sweat absorbing and provides a cooling effect to the body. I think sport wear clothing will be skin friendly and available varied sizes and attractive colors.   I think caring about how one looks is important to anyone’s life. The clothes you choose to wear should reflect the kind of person you are, when you are 100% yourself, you have no reason to feel anything but great. You will feel proud and confident.   



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