How Does a Foot Detox Work?


Authored by Darlene Zagata in Alternative Health
Published on 07-16-2009

Foot detox stems back many years but its resurgence has gained it a renewed popularity. Despite the fact that there is no scientific evidence to back up the claims of foot detox, many people swear to the healing effects. A few of the benefits of a foot detox include relief from headaches, colds, flu and improved skin conditions as well as a general improvement in overall health.

How does a foot detox work? The concept is that a foot detox draws toxins and impurities from the body through the feet. A foot detox can be done through a foot soak or with the use of pads or patches designed for this purpose. An ionized foot soak using ionized water and herbs is the traditional form of foot detox. The warm water causes the feet to sweat and the herbs aid the release of toxins. Ionized foot soaks are becoming increasingly popular at spas and health clubs. The healing benefits derived from spa foot soaks stems primarily from the mineral content often found in hot springs.

Detox foot spa machines are sold for use in the home. The machines use a low electrical current and salt may be added to aid conductivity. Herbs such as green tea, citrus fruit peels, garlic and ginger may be added to facilitate the release of toxins. It is normally recommended that a foot soak last for approximately thirty minutes and should be performed every other day or at least three times a week for maximum results. It is believed that the water used for a foot soak will become discolored due to the release of toxins from the body but this is normally the effect of the herbs and ionized water. It is not a clear indication that toxins are being released from the body.

Foot detox pads and patches are another form of releasing toxins through the feet. They can be used when a person goes to bed thereby releasing toxins from the body while a person sleeps. Based on the premise of reflexology, foot detox pads are placed on the bottoms of the feet stimulating the reflex points of the feet thereby increasing blood flow and promoting the release of toxins. The pads contain minerals that aid the release of waste. There are a variety of different foot detox pads and patches but they all work on the same principle. Some brands sell pads that come in a variety of herbal mixes.

Does a foot detox really work? Many people claim to wake up feeling more energized and refreshed after going to sleep with the foot detox pads on their feet. The debate continues and the verdict is still out on foot detox patches. Although scientific evidence of health benefits regarding foot detox pads does not indicate any therapeutic benefit, there are claims to the contrary. Consult your physician if you have any questions or concerns regarding the possible benefits of a foot detox then try it for yourself.


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