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How Does LG’s Cinema 3D Pub Package Increase Sales?

In May this year, LG confirmed its position as a global leader in entertainment showcasing ground breaking technology and innovation with the launch of its Cinema 3D Pub Package.

Warren Lewis, LG’s B2B Commercial Director, commented: “We are exceptionally excited about the rolling out of the Cinema 3D Pub Package and the addition of our 3D projectors to the pub experience,”

“The wider viewing angles and the lightweight, comfortable glasses help create a more enjoyable, relaxed 3D viewing experience for all involved.”

With the LG CF3D Full HD 3D Ready Cinema 3D Projector, combined with a range of Cinema 3D TVs, the package is designed to offer customers the ultimate shared 3D experience – already successfully trialled in a number of pub estates across the UK.

Over 1,000,000 customers have enjoyed 3D TV in pubs on LG Cinema 3D TVs – and the addition of the new LG CF3D Cinema 3D Projector now offers even more drama and excitement to the pub 3D experience.

Viewing Experience

With its wide angle viewing capabilities, Cinema 3D TVs ensure that wherever customers may be in the pub, they will be able to view the 3D image without loss of quality of clarity.

The package offers customers lightweight 3D glasses, which are more affordable and more comfortable than standard active glasses, which are twice the weight requiring batteries as well as synchronisation.

Ultimately, the viewing experience is more comfortable and inclusive for everyone – with the added bonus that the glasses can be used for both the Cinema 3D TV and projector.

Increased pub sales

LG has distributed 100,000 3D glasses to a number of Punch Taverns pubs across the country.

The 3D viewing experience is hoped to encourage more people to watch upcoming sporting events in the pub rather than at home.

By May this year, Raynes Park Tavern in London had already experienced an overall 10-15% increase in sales and 25% on big sporting occasions since installing the complete LG Cinema 3D Pub Package.

Sorrel Ward, Concept Manager, Punch Taverns stated: “The benefit of the Cinema 3D Pub Package is already visible for us all to see. Feedback from recent focus groups in the area shows that participants would always choose to watch sport in the Raynes Park Tavern rather than in a competitor pub because of the quality of the 3D experience and in particular the 3D big screen.”

About the Author: Barry Knightly is a writer and fan of Cinema 3D


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