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How fashionable eyeglasses could be

  • By Means Elizabeth L
  • Published 12/10/2010
  • Satire

I recall most of my school days wearing thick eyeglasses. Since the first day they perched on my nose, they¡¯ve become my ungainly and troublesome burden. I bet people with eyesight problems feel the same way. That said, a nice and lovely pair of eyeglasses is necessary to make some amends.Actually fashionable eyeglasses are kind of an obsession to me, as now I have a change of heart towards them. Maybe they give me some trouble and inconvenience, but they are also fine accessories and give me a graceful and cultured look. A cool-looking pair of eyeglasses shows my taste for fashion.

I don¡¯t remember when my obsession with fashionable eyeglasses began. But I can still recall how I felt when I got a Prada glass frame. It was full metal frame with light yellow rims. Its unique design without too much modification all foreshadows its elegant style. When I wore them for the first time, I¡¯d had this temptatio

n to wear them all the time.Later, I got a Versace glass frame from my father as a birthday gift. They were a little heavy because of the genuine high-quality materials. The famous ¡°medusa¡± snake logo was present and engraved into the glasses. Their hinges were made of platinum. I remember after I dropped them accidently a few times, but they proved much stronger than I thought!My current glasses are rimless that I purchased online several months ago. They are so special that they give me utter distinction and also allow me to look incredibly stylish and chic.The days when eyeglasses were just for reading are long gone, so are the days when I toted my old big and bulky and ugly glasses all day along. A fashionable pair of eyeglasses makes me look sophisticated and graceful. And I really enjoy the look of them.To get more exciting updates in regards to this topic, please go through author’s social profile rolex2u and don’t hesitate to leave your comment.

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