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How important is 3D architectural rendering and animation in today’s world.

3D architecturehas become fairly popular as compared to the 2D architecture.3D architectural models are used by many architects as well as industries for diverse projects ranging from television and video games toconstruction of buildings. Multiple programs are used to create these models. Theses programs are common as far as the tools and the functionalities are concerned.

Making 3D models require a series of correct photos of models from various angles. These images act as references during the building process. There are generally two approaches used during the processing of models.

Box modeling: it is used to makefixed models like buildings and tables.

Boolean operations: in this approach, you build your model by removing the parts thatyou do not require.

Benefits of 3D architecture over the 2D architects:

·         2D architecture can drawonly two-dimensional objects and is used for drawing customary  orthographic projections like  elevations and section. While 3D permit the designer to produce various views and ideas by rotating the models.

·         3D architecture offers more  functionswhile 2D dimensional provides the  basic functions.

·         Lifelike images of the constructed model can be rendered by the 3D architectural rendering. You cannot find the same function with the 2D architecture.

·         The prices for 3D architecture has  dropped . Soaffording it is now possible for many.

How does 3D architect animation help the architect:

·         It gives sufficient amount of detailsand an improved visualization about the building’s architecture in an animated video format.

·         It helps in executing 3D architectural animation in principal construction activities.

·         A particular building’s geography can be clearly understood by the  moving animation from all the angles.

·         Architects use 3D animated models of building as a master design for their buildings. This helps them to decide the best possible construction methodto implement during the process of the building.

·         3D architectural animation also helps in modification of the building because it is totally computerized.

Few areas where 3D architectural animation help the architect:

·         Exterior 3D architectural animation

·         3D animation rendering of different building

·         3D animated models of building interior.

Why should  you use 3D architectural rendering service:

·         With the 3D architectural rendering, animationand illustration, you get a better opportunity to play with your ideas and imaginations.It helps you to build more accurate impression of your structures  and to get an idea of how the house or building project will look in the future.

·         You are able to view particular construction point of your project more clearly with 3D rendering and animation.

·         Due to the accurate design, it reduces the error in your project.

·         3D animation and rendering is  a creative process and help you to create great images. It also helps you to add different color,texture, realistic lightening and other effects to your  landscapes or buildings.

·         It also helps you to decide the realistic color for the interior and the exterior of the building.

With so many advantages there is no wonder that 3D rendering and animation has become so popular worldwide.

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