How Psychology Counseling Can Improve Your Marriage

Authored by Katharine Foust in Mental Health
Published on 08-28-2009

Are you considering marriage counseling as an option to help improve your marriage? If so, you may want to consider psychology counseling. After all, psychology is the study of how the human mind operates and what better way to get help with your marriage than by understanding what’s really on the mind of you and your spouse?

There are many ways that psychology counseling can improve your marriage. So much of how we respond to each other is due to the way we process thoughts that it cannot help but have an impact on a marriage. It really comes down to communication. That doesn’t mean you haven’t talked enough. In fact, chances are good that if you are considering psychology counseling for your marriage you have probably talked until you were blue in the face. But it doesn’t really matter what you say if the person listening is only hearing what they think they are hearing.

The fact is that there are normally 3 components to a conversation. The first component is what is actually being said. The second component is what was meant and the third component is what was heard.

Psychology counseling can help a marriage by teaching you and your spouse how to listen and communicate effectively so that what you mean is actually what you say. It also helps to ensure they hear what you intend as well. Any marriage is going to have problems. Once the communication stops, there is no where to go but up.

Psychology counseling isn’t about placing blame. It’s about teaching each spouse how to take responsibility for their own role in the marriage. Ghosts of the past have to be put away and the future brought to light. Psychology counseling does this in a marriage by helping the individuals explore personal issues they each may have that are affecting the marriage and preventing effective communication. After all, anyone who has problems like trust issues isn’t likely to be completely open with their partner.

Don’t go to psychology counseling unless you are prepared to take a look at yourself as well as your spouse. It doesn’t matter who has done what to whom in a marriage because each party has their own responsibility to themselves and to their spouse. Psychology counseling forces you both to take a look at how you are responding to each other and your responsibilities within the marriage.

If you want to save your marriage and learn how you and your spouse can both get what you need from each other, then psychology counseling is probably a good solution for you. After all, it can’t hurt either of you. Just keep in mind that if your marriage has gotten to the point where you need psychology counseling then the time has come to be more honest with yourselves than you ever have. There’s no sense even beginning psychology counseling if you can’t open yourself and give it all you have got to give. You have to ask yourself if your marriage is worth it.


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