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How The Article Directory Can Help You

  • By Chris Kennelly
  • Published 05/13/2009
  • Writing for the Web

What exactly is an article directory, some may ask, well in its simplest form it is a collection of articles that are submitted by writers from across the world. The reasons for these writers submitting their articles can vary too. The majority of the directories serve as a forum for the writer to publish their work, whilst anyone is free to use that published work, they must do so with the credits and writers bio in place and unaltered. Some of these writers will write for an article directory that actually sells the content, in which instance the writer is motivated by the issue of making money via his or her writing. However the majority of these directories are actually free to join, publish and use the content found in the specific directory.

Apart from offering one the opportunity to publish their work the article directory often offers one a source of information in terms of those seeking certain information regarding problems that they may be experiencing and may be seeking a solution to these problems. In addition to this students who are writing academic papers may use the articles for inspiration or as a starting point for their studies and papers that they have to complete. Although these articles should not be used in terms of academic references they do form the

basis for a starting point. Businesses and marketers can use the article directory for establishing back links to their websites as well as using the opportunity to inform and generate customer interest in their businesses and products. There are certain rules that are applied to these articles though to ensure that the directory remains as free of spam as possible. One of the main rules is that the writers can not use the article content as a pure sales forum, but must rather use their bio and or reference box to position their call to action and get their readers to click through to their site. Therefore we have established that the article directory serves as a forum for those to publish or showcase their work and or potential, as well as the marketing or business person to create an additional presence on the web. On the other side of the coin, the possibility of using the content of the articles for your own website also exists. As long as you leave the links and related issues in tact, and according to the rules of the specific directory, then you literally have an unlimited amount of content for your blog or website.

The article directory is a valuable source of information from both a publishing as well as a content source perspective; one has the opportunity to create within this forum, as well as use other people’s work to add value to your site and or blog.



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