How to Advertise in the Yellow Pages

Advertising in the Yellow Pages is a way of increasing exposure for your company so that consumers can find your business.  Years ago, Yellow Pages advertising consisted of creating a display ad for your company and submitting it to the Yellow Pages along with payment to be listed in the phone book.  With the influx of the internet and all things web related, Yellow Pages advertising is now easier than ever and offers the ability for businesses to reach millions of consumers with just one ad!

Advertising in the Yellow Pages Step 1:  Choose Your Listing Type

The first step to advertising in the Yellow Pages is to choose the type of listing that you want for your business.  There are 5 different types of Yellow Pages listings offered on YellowPages.com. All of the listings differ in the amount of exposure that is provided for the business.  Each type of listing also ranges in price from free to more than $600 per month so company advertising budget will also play a key role in the type of Yellow Pages listing that you choose for your business.

On the low end, there are free Yellow Pages listings which offer minimum exposure for a minimum price–Free!  These listings are typically placed below (sometimes very far below) paid listings on a page and they only include basic company information such as business name, address, and phone number.  Free Yellow Pages listings are excellent for businesses that are just starting out and have very little capital to work with.  You can always upgrade to a paid listing later on.

In the middle, you have the Silver Listing with Yellow Pages.  This listing offers businesses the ability to advertise a specific logo, website URL, and two lines of text for business promotional purposes.  This Yellow Pages advertising option is a paid placement but the price ranges based on location and is typically just under $100 per month.  Businesses can benefit from a Silver Listing because it is placed higher on the page in the Yellow Pages directory and consumers are able to get more information such as a web address and additional contact information from this type of listing.

The most expensive type of Yellow Pages advertisement for businesses is the Platinum listing which costs in excess of $125 per month in most cities and states.  With this listing, customers receive a full banner that includes custom graphics, a text line to place company slogan in the advertisement, a website link and all of the items that were included in the previous listing types as well.  Platinum listings get maximum exposure from the Yellow Pages because they are listed at the very top above all other listing types.  Consumers see Platinum Listings first when they perform a search on YellowPages.com.

Advertising in the Yellow Pages Step 2:  Create Listing on Yellow Pages Site

Once you have determined the budget that you are willing and able to spend for your Yellow Pages advertising and you have chosen a listing type that falls within your desired budget and advertising specifications, you can begin creating your Yellow Pages ad.  The Yellow Pages site offers an easy to use platform that guides you through the entire listing process from start to finish.

To create a business listing in the Yellow Pages you will first enter the business phone number, address and name of the company.  From there the site will prompt you to enter text for any additional advertising avenues that are offered in the listing type that you chose such as a one line text slogan, two lines of business promotional text and even a customized business logo if you have one.

Once all information has been entered in the Yellow Pages system you will be prompted to preview the listing for accuracy and once you have confirmed that the listing is correct, Yellow Pages will direct you to an SSL where you can input credit card information for billing purposes.  The Yellow Pages listings are billed on a recurring monthly basis unless you choose to place a free listing on YellowPages.com.


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