How to Apologize to Your Boyfriend

Apologizing to your boyfriend doesn’t have to be a big deal. On the other hand, you want to leave an impression that your apology is well intended. Trying to find a happy medium when apologizing to your boyfriend can present a challenge. Follow these steps to apologize to your boyfriend in a way that makes him feel good about your relationship again.

Be Sincere

Never apologize to your boyfriend if you are not sincere. He will know you are not being honest. More importantly, so will you. Honesty is the foundation for a good relationship. Never apologize when you are not truly sorry. This rule is important whether you are apologizing to your boyfriend or someone else. Sincerity is a quality that is valued and appreciated in all relationships.

Look Him in the Eye

Shy girlfriends or those who are feeling ashamed may be tempted to look away while they apologize to their boyfriend. This is a big mistake. Men have a great deal more respect for people who look them in the eye. Apologize while looking directly in the eyes of your boyfriend. This tells him he is important to you and you are being honest with him.


Apologies are accepted as they are given. Smiling as you apologize to your boyfriend tells him the result you expect. Smiling shows you are not worried that he will reject your apology because you know the relationship is good and there is no reason he shouldn’t trust you. Fidgeting, frowning and looking down will only serve to make you look guilty and worried.

Avoid Excuses

Making excuses is no way to begin an apology. A sincere apology to your boyfriend starts with admitting you are human and make occasional mistakes. Making excuses when you apologize to your boyfriend lessens the positive impact of your apology. Be willing to admit you are wrong and anxious to make amends.

Keep It Short

Keep your apology short and sweet. Sometimes a simple “I’m sorry that I hurt you”, goes a long way. Men are used to being straight and to the point. Long drawn out tear filled apologies are wasted on them. Keep your chin up and retain your dignity. Remember that you are no less a person because you made a mistake. Apologize to your boyfriend but be kind to yourself too.

Explain Yourself

Once you apologize to your boyfriend, it might be a good idea to explain your actions. Keep this brief and to the point as well. Men are not interested in dramatic episodes. Save the drama and long drawn out scenarios for your friends. Try something like, “I want you to understand why I did this.” Follow up with the briefest, non-blaming explanation possible.


Reassure your boyfriend this won’t happen again. Now that you have explained why this happened, that should be the simple part. In a nutshell the whole thing should go something like this, “I’m sorry I didn’t trust you. I listened to a friend and she was wrong. Next time, I’ll bring it up with you directly before jumping to conclusions. I’ll remember this experience and be sure not to repeat my mistake.”

What if He Was Wrong Too?

There are times in a relationship when both parties are at fault. Apologize to your boyfriend while letting him know you deserve and expect an apology too. Don’t go about this in a mean spirited way. Try something like this, “I’m sorry for what happened between us and I’m sure you are too. Our relationship is important to me. Let’s just say our apologies and move on.”

Apologize to your boyfriend with sincerity. Look him in the eyes and say it with a smile. Avoid making long winded excuses. Keep the drama out of it. Make your apology short and sweet. Apologize to your boyfriend, then explain your motivation. Reassure him that it won’t happen again. Allow yourself to be human and let him know you expect an apology in return if warranted.


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