How to Approach a Woman

Many men go out on the town in the hopes of finding that special someone only to clam up when it comes time to actually approach one. What causes this sudden loss of nerve? Sometimes it is connected to confidence levels, and sometimes it is simply a matter of not knowing what to say. Regardless of the cause, it can be very frustrating to the man and can cause them to never approach women. Fortunately, there are a number of things that the man can do to learn how to approach women.

The first thing that a man should do is get to know himself. This means looking at his strengths and weaknesses, and accepting them for what they are. Confidence comes from knowing what you are good at, especially where dating and relationships are concerned. Get to know what you are comfortable with, and think of several topics of conversation that can allow you to show those strengths. Having somewhere to go with the conversation that you are comfortable with can help you gain the confidence to make that initial contact.

Another key element in learning to approach a woman is to have some type of plan in place. Some men can simply walk up to a woman and shoot the breeze without thinking about it. Others need some type of game plan. For those that struggle, there is nothing wrong with thinking about how you will approach. Plan what you will say when you approach and how you will respond when she answers. This can also give you some confidence.

The world famous wing man can give you a great deal of confidence as well. More specifically, having a wing woman is even more effective. If you are having trouble getting up the nerve, it is likely due to your fear of rejection. If you have a lady friend that is willing to go out with you and give you a hand, then you can overcome this easily. Have your lady friend take up a spot near the woman that you wish to approach, and then go up and talk with her. If she rejects you, have the other woman step right in and talk with you instead.

This can help because you will not feel so alienated, and it will make it seem as though the rejection was no big deal. In some cases, the woman will be the one that feels silly, and you walk away looking like a confident man. Regardless it will take the sting out of the rejection. This works with a guy friend as well, but not nearly as well.

Another key to approaching a woman is to remember that they are likely just as nervous as you are. Most women will be polite and kind if you approach them with respect. Gone are the days of approaching women with cheesy lines. There are very few women that actually like that sort of thing anymore. Instead, make sure you approach them with polite conversation. If they are interested in you, then they will make that clear to you.


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