How to Ask out the Popular Girl


Authored by Neal F. Litherland in Dating
Published on 09-03-2009

It’s one of the worst dilemmas that a man can face – attempting to ask out the popular girl. It’s really a complicated social situation, especially if the man doing the asking is not a popular person himself. The intimidation of knowing that she could probably have her pick of guys is a hard hurdle to jump over, but the key to asking out a popular girl, or a popular woman for those who aren’t in high school anymore, is very simple. Don’t look down.

Asking out a girl regardless of her social standing can be like crossing a very high bridge. It’s actually a very simple act in theory, and if there wasn’t the possibility of failure entailing a long, hard drop, most guys would do it without much of a second thought. So the easiest way to ask a girl out is to just ignore the drop, and keep your eyes on the prize. If you think too hard about what you’re doing, you’ll probably miss a step. If you just do it, you’ll probably come out all right.

What this means is that certain things need to be squared away in your mind. First and foremost, so what if she’s popular? You need to believe, to know that you have every right in the world to ask her out. You need to know there’s no reason she should say no. If you have any self issues like you feel you’re not handsome enough or interesting enough, those will show through and she’ll turn you down. Guys who barely have the confidence to ask women out usually end up with a lot of no’s. If you know you’re good enough it will show, and you will end up with a few more yes’s.

Once you have your confidence issue squared away, think about how the girl you’re going to ask out responds to you. Does she return greetings and does she stop to chat for a while before going about her day? Or does she ignore you and laugh? If it’s the latter, chances are that she has a negative opinion of you, and you’ll need to turn that around before asking her out. If it’s the former, then she’s neutral at worst, and perhaps interested at best. Besides confidence, taking care of your hygiene, dressing well (not necessarily business casual, just in a way that flatters you), and being polite are all ways to show her that you’re a guy who will show her a good time if she accepts the offer of a date.

Lastly, and most important, do not fly in blind if you can avoid it. Making a major faux pas like inviting a theater snob to go see a horror movie could be just one disastrous scenario. Find out a little about the popular girl. What does she like, and what is she interested in? Is she a wine and music kind of girl, or does she enjoy rock concerts and football games? Find out from the source if you’ll click before you ask her out, otherwise you may end up biting off way more than you can chew.


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