How to Attract Friends on Facebook

Facebook has become the place to be for both entrepreneurs and socially active Internet users. It is used for literally everything these days, and all of these uses require friends to work. Attracting friends is not difficult at all if you know how to do it. Here are some surefire ways of attracting friends, without being hit with spam penalties and account problems along the way.

The first thing you have to do to attract friends is to fill out your profile in detail. Many people get on Facebook and only fill out the most basic information. While this is fine for the basic user, it is not going to build your friend list. Filling out your favorite things will attract organic traffic, and will also bring people with like interests to your Facebook page. Take some time to fill everything out and you will get plenty of friend requests in no time.

Another thing you should do is utilize your Facebook tools. They have a friend finder that is absolutely awesome. You can literally find thousands automatically through various tools. The best part is, these folks will likely be old friends and acquaintances, making them quality connections.

You can use their email friend finder to literally go through your email and automatically connect to everyone you have ever corresponded with that has a Facebook account. This takes one push of the button, and you will be able to pick and choose who to send a request to. Those that do not have a Facebook account will be sent an invitation to join if you choose, meaning you may be able to expand your network even further.

You can use the friend finder on Facebook to fill in work history, school history, home town and where you currently live to find even more friends. This is a great way to generate friends and requests.

If you want to generate a ton of Facebook friend requests you can also join some Facebook pages that you enjoy. There are Facebook pages for everything from a particular author or genre, to your favorite rock and roll band. You can join a Facebook page about snakes, or a Facebook page about Hawaii. Whatever you want enjoy, joining these types of pages will generate friend requests. Over time, they add up quickly.

Another important thing to gain friend requests on Facebook is to make sure your privacy settings allow the public to see you. If you have the page set up tightly, then very few people will ever see your Facebook page and think to add you as a friend.

The fastest and easiest way to generate Facebook friends, however, is to post interesting and fascinating status updates, links and information. If you are truly wanting to make new friends, or grow your business, then you have to give them something that piques their interest. Doing so will ensure a steady flow of friend requests, and an ever growing base of social and business contacts online.


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