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How to Avail of the Best Concrete Crack Repair Services

Christchurch has faced many devastating results since the September earthquake. It is almost the missing city as many buildings have already been bulldozed, and the ones that are left are waiting for demolition. Some of them look fine but when you go closer you can see the cracks, or the unnatural tilt of the walls. In some cases, the buildings were brand new before the earthquake, but floors and concrete beams are cracked all the way through. Doctor Concrete is providing concrete crack repair service at affordable cost and trying to help the residents over come the calamity.

It is difficult for the rest of the world to really know the feelings of the residents here but they have all moved on after the initial shock. You will find shops, wine bars, businesses, restaurants, swimming pools, libraries and other amenities vanished and the everyday life has changed forever. Doctor Concrete based in New Zealand provides Christchurch earthquake repairs as they know that every pile of rubble represents someone’s life or livelihood.

Many are many older, historic buildings that need preservation. There are people living in rented houses waiting for their quake damaged house to be either replaced or repaired. It is due to the efforts of building contractors and crack repair teams that occasional new building appears among the leveled site. In fact the residents of Christchurch are acclaimed to be really resilient as they have undergone so much pain. With a population of about 400,000, Christchurch is New Zealand’s second largest city and contains several thousand Tilt-Up buildings. Over the past two years, Christchurch has been subjected to more than ten thousand earthquakes, beginning with a magnitude 7.1 earthquakes on September 4th, 2010.

As of May 2012 Christchurch faced four earthquakes with a magnitude higher than 6.00 have been recorded. While several of these earthquakes have caused damage to buildings, the biggest and most destructive earthquake occurred on February 22nd, 2011. This magnitude 6.3 this earthquake caused the deaths of 185 people and has caused upward of $30 billion of damage. It caused the complete shutdown of the central business district (CBD), some of which remains closed to this day. It is important for the residents to avail of quality concrete crack repair services.

Doctor concrete offers concrete repairs that are supportive and protect the citizens from outer environment and climate. They offer concrete patio repair, concrete resurfacing and concrete preparation services.


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