How To Avoid A Scorpion Sting Scorpion Safety


Authored by Rodney Southern in Nature and Wildlife
Published on 03-16-2009

The scorpion is a creature that would just assume it never meet us humans, and most of us feel largely the same way about them. Still, we come into contact with one another all the time, particularly in some parts of the country. If you live in these areas that have scorpions, it is very important to know how to avoid the scorpion in the wild. This article will help you to avoid that stinger, and leave the scorpions to their nocturnal hunts.

The scorpion is not a creature that will come around us on purpose. The contact that we have is incidental, and usually quite painful. The scorpion has a stinger on the end of it’s tail that is capable of everything from a sharp pain, to death, depending on the species and the individual’s reaction to the sting. There are some scorpions in North America that are capable of killing those individuals that are unhealthy, older, younger, or allergic to the venom. Here are some specific things to keep you and the scorpion in different places at all times.

Around the yard is the most common place that we run into these little boogers. Scorpions are famous for taking up refuge in our corners and clutter of the yards of America. The more clutter you have, the more likely you will run into a scorpion. The best thing to remember is that scorpions are usually in places where you can not see them. If you reach for anything that has a blind spot, you should check to make sure a scorpion is not there first. The pile of leaves, the stack of wood, and the pile of boxes in the basement are all areas of danger.

Another way people are commonly stung is by putting on clothes that have been laying around or not stored properly. If you live in scorpion country you can be fairly sure that you will eventually get a scorpion in your shoe. Shake out all shoes and clothes before you put them on, and you will cut your scorpion danger in half at least. This is one of the most common ways people get bitten by spiders and stung by scorpions. Store your shoes and clothing in air tight containers for added protection.

If you are an outdoors type person and like to rock climb, you are at particular risk for scorpion stings. Scorpions love piles of rocks and the like. This is a very difficult thing to watch out for as you climb a rock facing. Still, you should always look where your hands are being placed before grabbing hold.

Finally, do not play with scorpions. Many will say “duh” to that statement, but the vast majority of scorpion stings came from somebody doing just that. The scorpions tail can turn in every single direction and will tag you regardless of how you try to avoid it. Do not attempt to pick up a scorpion unless you are willing to accept the consequences.


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