How to Avoid Morning Sickness

Authored by Gary Eugene in Pregnancy 
Published on 11-25-2008

Pregnancy is a very beautiful and wondrous experience but the associated morning sickness will surely sour the day. Morning sickness can occur at any time of the day, but it occurs more likely upon waking up. It affects more than half of all pregnant women. The nausea itself may be just mild or might induce actual vomiting.

Surely everybody would want pregnant women to be stress-free as much as possible. That is the least we can do for them. Taking in medications is not advisable for morning sickness, as long it does not cause severe dehydration or malnutrition. It is not much of a concern for expectant mothers, but the entailing discomfort or hassle will certainly dampen their day. Take, for instance, hyper emesis gravid arum or “severe morning sickness” that brings about severe vomiting and nausea, which causes dehydration and malnutrition to the mother and child. Actually, this problem is very rare; but it may still happen to some so it would be wise to be prepared at all times. These are effective ways to combat morning sickness:

  • The intake of plenty of fluids is quite beneficial, but it should be done in a slow pace. Sipping water or lemonade throughout the day is very effective, too. Just a few sips of these cold refreshments will keep you from feeling sick.
  • In Asia, ginger has been known as great for culinary and medicinal purposes. It has its varied use ranging from skin rashes cure to upset stomach, so why not try it on morning sickness? Try mixing your food with ginger or make a juice out of it; even by just sniffing ginger is beneficial for morning sickness.
  • Eating soda crackers helps settle the stomach, which makes eating regular food a lot easier.
  • Small snacks help settle your stomach really well. Just a nibble will do. Salty potato chips keep nausea at bay as well.
  • If spicy and strong-smelling foods turn your stomach, it is best to completely avoid them; although, this may not be applicable to all. Every pregnant woman has her own preferences that suit her.
  • Too much heat will make pregnant women even more nauseous so try to keep your body cool at all times.

It would be best that every detail of your pregnancy should be taken into account. Consult your obstetrician always. Pregnancy is the most wondrous event in a human being’s life and no morning sickness should ruin it.


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