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How To Avoid Overdoing Your Plastic Surgery

If you constantly worry that “I look old,” there are plenty of ways you can get the fountain of youth back on your side — anti aging products, effective eye creams, and diet and exercise, just to name a few. However, more and more people are choosing to skip all these anti-aging measures and go straight to the big kahuna — cosmetic surgery. Choosing to undergo plastic surgery is just fine, but have you noticed that once celebrities or your acquaintances go under the knife, it becomes really hard for them to stop? Once you’re able to experience your idea of perfection, it is really easy to go overboard and wind up with a completely unnatural-looking face or body. Here’s how you can avoid over-doing it when it comes to cosmetic surgery.

Choose one feature to work on.
What is it about your body or face that really bothers you? Not just what you wish was slightly firmer or a little tighter — if you are considering going under the knife or needle, what one thing do you wish you could change and never want back? Because you can’t undo messing with your face! Whether that one thing would be using Botox injections for the crow’s feet around your eyes or giving sagging skin a face lift, choose your one thing — and then stop. No more plastic surgery. You may love the results of your facelift or brow lift, but when you start piling surgeries on top of injections on top of procedures, your face may begin to take on a frozen, plasticky appearance that can’t be reversed.

Don’t start too early.
Your 30s are not the time to start dabbing in Botox and other injectables. One reason is that the effects tend to wear off over time, so if you want to hide fine lines and crow’s feet, you’ll have to undergo the procedure every few months to maintain the same effect. Similarly, the facelift is not a permanent procedure, and you may need maintenance cosmetic surgery to maintain the same youthful appearance over the years. These procedures aren’t cheap either; the earlier you start messing with your face, the more you’ll spend long-term on maintaining your appearance.

Don’t start at all.
If you’re unhappy with how your skin is aging, but you’re not crazy about the idea of undergoing a face lift, Botox, or any other cosmetic procedure, you can consider alternative means of preventing your skin from looking older. Some more natural means of maintaining young-looking skin include maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regimen, avoiding excessive sun exposure without proper means of protection, and using high-quality anti-aging or anti-wrinkle products. Should you choose to utilize skin creams and serums, use them consistently to plump skin, ensuring fine lines appear smaller and more filled.

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