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How to be a mature woman?

  • By patricia mccarthy
  • Published 06/9/2011
  • Fiction

Such a human nature,that almost all men pay more appreciated and concern for feminize and mature women,for these women are that they fascinating and mysterious, but how to achieve one? in my view,a mature women not only elegant temperament and high quality but also can handle herself career or a successful field.As it did in the case of Gabrielle chanel who one of that women and well-known from every countries,founded her own brand-chanel. Most of women who from middle or superior society crazy about it,especially,perfume and handbags so popular that often come out a phenomenon that goods have no enough been offered.                                                                                                                                          Chanel was a strong but not lack warmth and cheerful woman,desipe her life was not so smoothly , but she required an wonferful life by her character. when she pasted away, KARL LAGERFELD took over her corperation and her brand-chanel. Although he was a talent that he had sntiment of romantic and humorous, just like frenchmen ,in the meanwhile,he also recieved preciseness and delicately mind,just like German. however,he still resever classic style from start to finish,that only like chanel herself.To be a successful and mature woman such  as chanel is not  easy,some of ladies have no effort to independence and strength in emotion and career, but spend too much time and money in making up  hershlf, for example,  purchasing expensive handbags or clothes. For other ladies it is reasonless that they refuse enjoying ice-cream, refuse walking game stands with a giant teddy bear,for they try them best to enter field of mature, these human being who consider become the one is well worth lossing of funny. Certainfully, it is abvious that they gained a correct  values. All in all,an expensive handbag,a suit of classic style cloth cannot help us to be a mature one,on the contract,a good character and abundent experience of life can close to the desired shore! 



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