How to Be Motivated at Work


Authored by Rodney Southern in Mental Health
Published on 02-12-2011

Everybody knows what it is like to feel lethargic at work. We spend so much of our lives there that it is inevitable that we will not want to be there from time to time. What do we do, however, when we begin to lose our motivation at work on a regular basis? This can cause all kinds of problems up to and including being fired. That is not an option for the vast majority of us. Here are some tried and true ways to be motivated at work, regardless of how you might feel on a given day.

The first thing you want to do is make certain you get the proper rest the night before. Many people burn the candle at both ends, working hard at home and at work. While this sometimes can’t be avoided, you should still make the effort to get plenty of sleep. Nothing kills your motivation at work quicker than being exhausted. Try to limit your late night adventures to the weekends, and you will find this particular habit much easier to accomplish.

Prepare your day by organizing and goal setting. You can easily set goals and prioritize your tasks the day before for most jobs, and this can motivate you at work in a big way. If you know what is in front of you, then it is much easier to actually perform the tasks. Dive in and set up a plan to succeed for the next day, and then stick to the plan as best as you can. You will find yourself strangely motivated to meet your own expectations of yourself.

Another great idea is to knock out those tasks you are dreading first. Do not save those types of tasks for the end of the day, when productivity and motivation is at their lowest. Get them done and over with right up front and you will find yourself much more motivated during the day. When your after lunch part of the day comes, you will be left with easier tasks to enjoy. The day winds down much quicker this way.

Eat a balanced diet and keep your nutrition in order also. Not eating right can absolutely murder our motivation at work, not to mention everywhere else. As the years roll by, we are finding more and more that the foods we eat (or do not eat) are playing a big part in our health and performance. Limit your caffeine, sugar and processed foods and you will feel an instant and natural energy boost. The best part is, the boost is not powered by contaminants and addictive, dangerous energy drinks. The role that diet plays in boosting motivation is real and measured, so take the time to do it right.

It is not that hard to stay motivated at work if you focus on taking care of yourself. Once you have your body in order, and you have your mind organized and with a plan, then the motivation will come naturally. All of these things will help you to do just that.


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