How to Become a Certified Home Daycare

Opening a home daycare is a lot more involved than advertising that you will babysit a few children in your home. You will need to follow the steps to become a certified home daycare in your state. The rules and regulations to be certified as a home daycare can vary slightly from state to state. However, the basic process is relatively the same.

One easy way to start the process to become a certified home daycare is to visit the local department of welfare in your county. There are programs to help low income families pay for daycare, therefore, the department of welfare can help prospective home daycares to become certified. If they do not have the application in their office, they will direct you to the certifying office for home daycare centers.

You should be able to establish that you work well with children. Having experience working with children might be required before you can apply to be approved as a home daycare.

In order to run a home daycare you will need to have a high school diploma or equivalent. Although it is not always required, it would be helpful if you have taken some coursework in early childhood development. You might be required to take additional coursework at a later step in the certification process.

If you want to become certified as a home daycare, you will need to show that you have had all required immunizations. The same is true for anyone you will have working in the daycare. Everyone will need to have a tuberculosis test as well. You will need to be evaluated by your family physician to show that you are in good health and able to safely care for children.

A criminal background check is one of the first things that the certifying organization will require. They will ensure that you have not been convicted of any crimes that would pose a danger to children. You will probably be asked to provide professional references. The certifying department for home daycares will want an overall picture of your personality and your employment history.

Before you can be certified as a home daycare, you need to show that you can safely provide childcare services. You will be required to be CPR certified and most states will require you to have first aid training as well. Your house will be evaluated and must pass inspection. It will need to be childproof and meet all health and safety standards as outlined by the requirements to be approved as a home daycare. You will not be approved as a home daycare until your house passes inspection.

If you meet all the above requirements, you might be asked to complete coursework in the areas of child development and other studies. Some states will require you to complete training and/or earn CEU credits each year for your certification. The certifying agency in your area will outline all requirements to become a certified home daycare as well as the requirements to keep your certification valid each year.


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