How to Become a Certified Home Stager


Authored by Donna Johnson in Careers and Employment 
Published on 12-27-2009

Selling a house can be difficult in any economy. Many sellers try a number of methods to increase the likelihood that their house will sell. One such method is hiring a certified home stager. If you are looking for a career that combines design and real estate, becoming a certified home stager may be right for you.

A certified home stager goes through a home that is being put up for sale. From what he sees, he then recommends various strategies to increase the home’s appeal to potential buyers. These strategies may include cleaning up certain areas of the home, removing clutter or extra furniture to make the rooms seem more spacious, or adding flowers or candles for fragrance or decoration.

While you could become a home stager on your own, especially if you have connections to a real estate agent or company, you will not be a certified home stager. Becoming a certified home stager allows you to advertise this fact and seem more credible to potential clients.

There are several websites that offer training to become a certified home stager or home staging expert. Home staging is not yet a federal or state recognized career specialty, so no certification will be issued from any federal or state agency. However, the successful completion of a certification program from any source will show that you are serious about making a career in home staging and that you are dedicated to the job. This increase in credibility is especially important when you are just starting out as a home stager, since at that time you will have no experience to fill out your resume.

After completion of a certified home stager course, you will need to promote your services. If you do not already have ties to a particular real estate agent or office, begin contacting a few of them. One strategy you can use to jump start your career as a professional home stager is to offer a free consultation. Contact a real estate agent or office and offer to give a free assessment of a home that they are having difficulty selling. Only ask that they give your services a positive review if they feel that the home finally sold due in part to your consultation and recommendations. You may also offer free consultations on every third home that you review for a larger real estate company. These free consultations will show the real estate agency that you are serious about your work as a professional home stager, and allow them to see the results you can give them without any risk whatsoever on their part. This low risk factor is especially important when you’re just starting out and in areas where home staging has not caught on yet.

Becoming a certified home stager will require a little work and time on your part. But if decorating is your passion and you want a career that can also show others what a few simple changes in a home can do, you may make a very good professional home stager.


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