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How to Become a Cosmetic Dermatologist?

  • By Cathy Warden
  • Published 05/22/2012

Dermatologists are just like other practicing physicians the only difference being that they deal with skin problems. So like other doctors they must also attend medical schools first and then attend a residency training programs. Then they will have to obtain board certification and license. After that they will have to attend added courses for specializing in a particular field of dermatology. Once all these things are done they can start practicing in their preferred field.

Keep on reading the article to know about how to become a cosmetic dermatologist.


The first step of becoming a cosmetic dermatologist is to fulfill the educational requirements. If you wish to become a dermatologist you will have to complete bachelor’s degree in any health care related field. Then you will have to attend a medical school. As soon as you complete graduation from a medical school you should start working as an intern in your field. You will have to complete one year internship. After that you can continue education by joining a residency program.

Residency Training Program:

Once you are done with internship, you will have to go for one year residency training program regardless of your area of specialization. You will have to complete clinical training in internal medicine, general surgery, pediatrics, family practice, gynecology, emergency medicine as well as obstetrics. After that you will have to complete a three year residency training program from an accredited dermatology institute. During this three year residency program you will have to devote at least75 % of your time directly in patient care.

Board Certification:

When you complete education at a medical school, internship as well as the residency program, you will have to obtain certificate from the American Board of Dermatology. No matter which field of dermatology you choose you will have to get certification from the board. You will have to pass a written as well as practical test in order to obtain the certification. In fact you will have to sit for the certification examination every 10 years for maintaining the certification status.

Specialty Education:

Once you become a board certified dermatologist, you can then opt for some additional courses and training in any particular field of cosmetic dermatology that you wish to practice. A dermatologist can specialize in the following fields

    · Dermabrasion

    · Laser resurfacing

    · Dermal filler

    · Microdermabrasion

    · Tissue augmentation

    · Chemical peel

    · Sclerotherapy

    · Facial liposuction

The American Board of Dermatology will determine the course and hour of training you require for specializing in a particular field of dermatology.

Finally you can start practicing cosmetic dermatology in the area you prefer. For example if you wish to become a cosmetic dermatologist West Palm Beach you should open your clinic in

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