How to Become a Dog Breeder

If you’ve fallen in love with a particular breed of dog, you may want to become a dog breeder yourself. There are several major requirements before you can consider yourself a good dog breeder. You can choose to breed any type of dog, but be certain you’re ready for the responsibility of caring for all the puppies you breed until they’re sold.

Choosing Dogs

First of all, choose your breed. If you want to breed larger dogs, such as Greyhounds, ensure you have the room for them to run and play. The happier the dogs are, the healthier both the parents and their puppies will be.

Next, select the best possible male and female you can find from that breed. Obviously, you can only choose the dogs you can afford. Note that you don’t have to purchase a male. You can pay to breed your female with another owner’s male. Base your selections for both on temperament, health history, prior breeding and physical appearance. Most breeders choose registered dogs in order to obtain a clear history. Another popular choice is dogs, or their puppies, from dog show competitions. Winners of these events will allow you to charge more for your puppies.

Start small with one or two sets of dogs. Many breeders start large and find the demand is too small for their area.

Educate Yourself

Speak with other breeders. Join online networks for your dog breed in order to learn as much as possible about your breed. This includes the best possible environment, food, training, grooming and breeding conditions. The more you know about the breed, the better you can care for your dogs and their puppies.

Check State Laws

Many states require permits before becoming a dog breeder. This is especially important if you’re breeding multiple pairs of dogs. Check the kennel permit laws in your state before breeding more than one pair of dogs.

Register Your Kennel

Many customers will check to see if your kennel is registered with the American Kennel Club. This also provides you with even more information on breeding. By joining the AKC, you will have assistance with learning how to file the correct paperwork, how to register litters and other information on becoming a responsible and respected dog breeder.

Be A Good Owner

Take excellent care of your dog or dogs. Provide them with regular veterinarian check ups, all regular shots, plenty of room to run and play, a comfortable sleeping area and adequate food and water. When puppies arrive, ensure they are well taken care of. Pay close attention to if the puppies are receiving enough milk from the mother at first as large litters may result in the need to feed some puppies on a bottle. You will also need to start the puppies on wet food and even dry food if possible after the first four to six weeks.

Part of being a good owner means ensuring the puppies go to other good dog owners. Don’t sell puppies simply because a customer can pay. Meet the customer if possible and even visit the customer’s home to ensure they can take proper care of the puppy.

Becoming a dog breeder requires patience, love for dogs and understanding how to register puppies correctly. By learning from other breeders and the AKC, you can become a well respected and loved dog breeder.


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