How To Become A Good Salesman

Salesmanship is not just the art of selling your products to the targeted customers. In fact, this chosen field of work encompasses all good facets of a human being –his learning, his talent, his personality, his nature, his ability to converse with others and so on. A salesman might be able to sell few products to the customers, but a good salesman is one, who wins the trust of the customer and leaves an impression of his traits on the buyer. If you believe in becoming a good salesman, here are few tips to help you.


A good personality is the biggest advantage of a salesman, as it can create an impression even before you strike up a conversation with the customer. Take proper care of your attire and make sure, you wear it with pride. Your shoes, watch, hairstyle, fragrance and everything else should reflect your attitude and belief in the product you are selling.


You can’t sell a product, without displaying even a modicum of emotion on your face. Don’t look too desperate to sell a product, rather you need to extract interest in the product by presenting it in the desired fashion. Stay cool and calm and exercise restraint on temper. A smile on the face could encourage the customer to at least listen to a few words.


Apart from good communication skills, you should excel in other skills as well. Firstly, you should have the confidence of conversing with every type of customer. You will find people with different shades of personality and it is a test of your confidence to be able to handle them equivalently. A positive outlook can help you in moving ahead, even after being refused or rebuked.


Learning from books, CDs or videos is just one part of the story. There is nothing like learning from real life experiences and thus, you should keep on learning and improving from your mistakes and weaknesses. Also, learn from the experience of fellow or senior salesmen and develop strategies for every type of situation coming your way.


You might get to listen to a lot from your customers. Some might abuse you or say unpleasant words about your profession. There are others, who might be convinced that your products are of inferior quality without having tried them. But, you have to be customer-focused enough to listen to them and still attempt to impress them.


Many customers might ask you more than a few questions about the products. You should have the patience and zeal to help them and entertain their queries. At the same time, you can build a reputation for yourself and the products you are selling by following this approach.


You should try to stand taller than other salesmen, but without using wrong and dishonest tactics. If you are not confident enough of your skills choose an area, where there is less competition. Also, choose a tried and tested sales strategy and do good research of the product. You would do better to learn everything about your product.

Practice a bit of all this and you just might get the mix right and produce excellent results that will only help you further your career and make you a successful salesman.


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