How to Become a Helicopter Pilot

Having the ability to fly is often seen as something of childhood fantasy, but with the skills needed to become a helicopter pilot, a person can see that dream of the past come to life. Helicopter pilots are very beneficial members of society with jobs in the military and law enforcement that help protect the nation and its people. Most helicopter missions are conducted for either search or rescue, and thus the job of the pilot is to ensure that there is a constant eye on the situation. These pilots bring a new dimension to the aspect of pursuit, adding an eye from the sky to the mix.

If you’re wanting to become a helicopter pilot, the first thing you need to do is figure out if you even like flight or helicopters. Take a ride in a helicopter and see if you enjoy the experience. Most people assume that flying a helicopter is like flying an airplane, but the job and the feelings associated with the task are vastly different. It’s important that you don’t just assume that you know what it’s like to be a helicopter pilot.

If you find that you do enjoy the job of a helicopter pilot still, then your next task is to find a flight school to attend that will train you in the field. Research as much as you can about flight schools in your area, and learn how much time and money it will cost to complete pilot training. You will need to know if you are eligible to attend these flight schools at all, so also ask for age and licensing requirements necessary for entry into the program. If all goes well, then you can attend one of these flight schools to become a helicopter pilot.

Upon completion of flight school, you will then get your Private Helicopter License that will allow you to fly on your own but not as means for a job. You will have to pass oral and written tests, as well as examinations that occur while you are actually flying the helicopter. If you receive your private license, then you can soon move onto becoming a professional helicopter pilot by obtaining a Commercial Rotorcraft License. That will require more rigorous pilot examination, but it is necessary to practice in the field. Anyone seeking a job in the military or medical field as a helicopter pilot will be required to have this license to carry passengers.

After all of that is finished, you can come out as a professional helicopter pilot ready to tackle the skies and help others along the way. Beyond licensure, you can seek other credentials, including those of a Certified Flight Instructor. Those are not always required to practice as a helicopter pilot, but some jobs do require them. After that, it’s just a matter of maintaining your pilot’s license by completing the required number of flying hours. This will vary based on the state and helicopter pilot job you hold, so you’ll need to be aware of those requirements in order to remain certified. The rest is entirely up to your love of flying.


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