How to Become a Locksmith

So, you have decided you want to learn a trade and being a Locksmith sounds cool to you? What is a Locksmith anyway and how do you become one? Well, here are the answers to those questions. To start with, a locksmith is someone who designs locks and the keys that fit those locks. One of the earliest practices of keeping one’s belongings and home secure was locksmithing. This soon led to the practice of lock picking in order to get around the aforesaid security precautions. Another of the Locksmith’s talents is the ability of re-keying old or existing locks. This involves removing the pin tumblers in an existing lock mechanism and replacing the old tumblers with new and different tumblers.

To start a career in locksmithing you will need to enroll in a locksmith training program. Make sure that the Locksmithing School or course is bonded. The Associated Locksmiths of America is one such school and they have over one hundred classes to help those who wish to become locksmiths and achieve certification. Several of the locksmith classes have course additions that help one to be able to identify duplicate keys, re-setting safety codes, how to set up a shop, etc. You will also need to check with the state licensing requirement for locksmithing. Some states require a license in order to be a professional locksmith. You should check on business ordinances as well.

Once you have enrolled in a locksmithing course and thoroughly studied the curriculum, you will have to take and pass a locksmithing certification test. Some of these certification tests can be done online. Once you have passed the certification test you can start looking for clientele and build up your reputation as a good locksmith.

You may wish to start by applying for jobs with the security companies in your area as a service technician or as building maintenance personnel. Once you’ve built up a good clientele you may wish to set up a locksmith shop. Another good job source for locksmiths are casinos. Fortunately for someone who is a locksmith, casinos are just about everywhere…not just in Vegas. American Indian reservations all over the country have casinos. They are popular in the Colorado Rocky Mountains, the Louisiana Bayou, New Mexico, and many other places across the country.

Many beginning locksmiths will need to find such places to work for a couple of years. In this way they can gain the experience and build up references they will need to start up their own shop. In order to set up a shop you will have to get licensed and bonded. Then you can set up a little shop by either renting a small retail space, or if you are fortunate enough to have a spare garage space, you may wish to set up a small shop in your garage in order to head off rental and overhead costs. There are further tax breaks the beginning locksmith can make use of by working out of a space in his home.


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