How to Become a Male Model


Authored by Neal F. Litherland in Society
Published on 08-30-2009

While modeling is a career choice that’s usually associated with women, the fashion industry would simply collapse without male models. However, it isn’t exactly the easiest career to get into, so if a man wants to become a model there are certain steps he should be sure to take.

First and foremost, aspiring male models should get a portfolio together. If you have a friend whose a professional photographer, that would be the best place to begin. Even if you have to choose a photographer out of a hat though, keep in mind that this is your portfolio. Be firm with the photographer, and explain to them what you’re doing, and what you want. Make sure that you get several head shots, several full body shots, and include a variety of outfit choices including casual and formal attire. Think of your portfolio as your resume… it shows potential employers what you can do.

The next step to becoming a male model is to get an agent. Often times agents work for modeling agencies, but some agents are freelance and work for themselves. Agents are people who handle models, find job openings for their clients and generally act as the model or potential model’s representatives. Agents are easily found in big cities, and many of them are only as far away as the nearest phone book. Often times, modeling agencies will have “open calls”, where anyone can show up with their portfolio and be evaluated by the agency. These are the best bet for someone who has little to no experience and who wants to get representation to further their career.

There are, however, a number of things that aspiring male models need to be very careful of. Those who are new to the modeling profession often draw scams and shady characters towards them. Generally speaking, don’t pay for anything out of pocket unless it can be carefully explained to you why you’re paying for it. Even after the explanation has been rendered, anything above $30 or so should be viewed with great skepticism. In addition, be very careful of anyone who promises a large income with no strings attached, or who attempts to get you to accept jobs you’re not comfortable with. Modeling agencies, and modeling agents, should conduct themselves with the utmost professionalism, and those who don’t should not be allowed to make career decisions for you.

Lastly, make sure that you keep yourself in shape and your portfolio updated. Male models shouldn’t be weight lifters or body builders, but they should be handsome and in shape. Also, keep in mind that if a man only has one appealing feature, that may be enough to get them steady work as a hand or eye model, even if they don’t get steady work as a fashion model. Your body is your investment as a model, so make sure that you stay in shape and keep healthy, because if you lose that, it may become even more difficult to get work as a model.


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