How to Become a Massage Therapist

One of the careers which have proven to be a very lucrative and interesting one is becoming a massage therapist. This is especially true these days when more and more people seem to want to become on their way to health and good bodily condition. Most people want to make sure that they keep themselves fit and do so in a natural way. Massage therapists help in this conquest and they also help relieve people off the accumulated stress they might be experiencing from extremely fast paced working environments and their personal lifestyles.

However, wanting to become a massage therapist is not a piece of cake. You will need to go to through a phase of important technical and documental things before you become certified. First of all, you should know that becoming a massage therapist is a serious responsibility. When you become one and you already experience having your own customers, your clients actually somehow put their lives on your hands. The way you administer pressure at the identified points of the body really does have an effect on the person. If you do it the wrong way, you will definitely get into some serious trouble and end up facing medical malpractice.

Usually, a massage certificate program is what most people avail. This is the choice of those who have already finished a related medical degree or even those who have already pursued further studies. A certificate program for massage therapy is a smart alternative because it gives you the ability to finally practice the profession in a lesser amount of time as compared to going through the whole debacle of obtaining a degree. The certification program often requires students to go through a 600 to 1000 hours of engagement in practical education. This will be composed of both the academic as well as the clinical part. Usually, an extensive experience on hands on training will be involved as well so that students get to interact with real life clients in an actual massage therapy setting.

Aside from the major points in massage therapy, the certification course also involves lessons on CPR as well as first aid. There is also the inclusion of psychology, general and human science, and of course the massage ethics. Since the massage usually happens on a bare part of the client’s body, massage ethics becomes extremely important. This is also in due consideration of the fact that clients who seek massage services got through the process almost naked to make sure that their blood circulation will not be hampered. In such a sensitive case, the massage therapist will be held accountable thus the need for proper ethics to be studied as well.

Upon completing the courses required, the graduates of the certification program must pass yet another challenge. They should be able to obtain their license from the National Certification Board. To be able to do so, they needed to pass licensure exams which can prove their credibility in the said practice. Each state may also employ different requirements in addition.


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