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How to Become a Novelist 5 Easy Tips for Beginners

  • By Carolyn Anderson
  • Published 03/17/2011
  • Fiction

If you love reading novels, you may be wondering how to become a novelist someday especially if you also have a passion in writing. Of course, you don’t have to be born a writer to be one. You can develop that skill in writing and write your own novels and stories one day. Learning how to become a novelist can be easy even if you don’t have any technical background in writing. Of course, you may need to check spelling and grammar errors but you can leave that later when your story has been made. Here are a few tips that you may find helpful if you want to embark into a writing career as a novelist or even if you just want to become a novelist to put your passion and interest into good use. 1. Read good novels. Getting yourself exposed to a lot of good novels and good writing will help you train yourself into writing good novels as well. Although this may not work like magic, it needs patience, time and effort. Read bestsellers and find out what makes them appeal to many. 2. Read beyond the story.

It helps also to analyze how the writer puts his plot and how the story went on. Developing the plot of the story as well as the twists and highlights are planned and you can actually train yourself on how to see that if you are reading good novels and learning from them. Read and learn how the writer writes conversation that sticks to the character from beginning to end.

Learn how he opens up a chapter. Learn how he introduces a new character into the novel and learn how he is able to put the story into something that is quick-paced and not dragging. These little tips that you can pick up by reading a lot of good novels can indeed help you start learning on how to become a novelist and that can someday help you write bestsellers too. 3. Learn how to develop your character. Start with a character you know. Although novels are fictional work, you can also pick up characters and ideas from your own experience and people you may have met somewhere. You can also mix these ideas up to create a more appealing or interesting character as well. 4. Just write. One of the best tips on how to become a novelist is to start writing. Do not be bothered by spelling and grammar. If you have an idea in mind, write it down. It is in these small ideas that you can make better stories. Keep in mind as well that it is not everyday that a good story comes to mind and you may want to put brilliant ideas into writing to help you remember it later or help you develop a good story. Find good stories in your experiences or stories of people around you. Use your imagination as well. This is one of the beauty of fiction writing and you can use this to your advantage too. 5. Get feedback and criticisms.

In any work that you want polished especially when in to comes to writing novels, feedback and criticisms are important. These will help you become a better writer as well.



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