How to Become a Product Tester

If you have ever contemplated about becoming a product tester, then you’re in for some good treats. Most companies and manufacturers now are interested in what consumers and their patrons think about their products. Your opinions and ideas matter to them and will pay you to test new and existing products. Most of these products haven’t even been launched to the market yet. You can test the products before they hit the stores and get to keep free samples, aside from the compensation they pay you. Such items will be sent to you to try for a set period of time, normally a week or longer depending on the product. Some items may just be used once if it is a disposable item. Examples of such companies that require consumer product testing are pharmaceutical companies, cosmetics and beauty, food and other fast moving consumer goods.

Most product testing and trials can be carried out as you continue with your normal life. For instance, if you are trying out a new kind of beauty soap or a new liquid wash or even a milk product for infants. You simply replace what you normally use with these new trial products and evaluate them based on the questionnaire they give you. Other times the questionnaire is sent to you to fill out after the trial period. They usually contain multiple choices that you tick off for answers. There is also a space to write any comments you feel would be helpful during your evaluation of the product.

The questionnaire can be emailed or sent back to the company or manufacturer. The good thing about this is there is really no right or wrong answers. Your answers would be based on your honest opinion. The payment is sent to you via bank transfer, check by registered mail or your PayPal account if you have one. Some companies may reward you with gift certificates which you use to purchase in affiliated department stores and shops.

How do you become a product tester? There are many ways to go about becoming a product tester. It’s not a regular job wherein you go through the normal hiring process. The internet and major publications are good sources to find companies and manufacturers looking for people to test their products. You may go to the manufacturer’s website and fill out a survey and if you fit the criteria they’re looking for, they will contact you for further information and instructions. Try to answer their personal profile forms as methodically and completely as possible. This ensures you will be matched with more products for testing. Bzzagent.com also “hires” consumers to test products. Product testing is not limited to physical products. Some companies require you to try out their services. You may even test video games, software and applications. Other companies even offer big ticket items such as the latest model of a cell phone or laptop. Some you get to keep while others have to be returned.

Being a product tester is not a good source of regular income. If you want, register for as many testing companies and manufactures as possible. This way you get something new to test every week. These companies only ask that you give your honest opinion, whether good or bad


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