How to Become a Psychic Reader

Although in the modern world people have mostly moved away from the superstitions that were so prevalent in the dark ages, many people still believe in the supernatural. One such area that many in the world are involved in is psychic ability. Psychic readings can take many forms, as professionals often specialize in one area, such as Tarot readings, numerology, astrology, palm reading, and any number of other areas of specialization. Whether they want to know what’s going to happen in the future or wish to reconnect with a deceased loved one, people seek out psychics for many reasons, and there is a large market out there for such services.

There are several steps you should take if you want to become a psychic reader, depending on how involved you want to get. If you’re truly interested in the field, you may already have some sort of psychic ability that draws you to making this a career. But there are also ways to help develop your own sixth sense, such as through books and even taking classes. The key is to do as much research as you can about the subject.

At this point, it’s wise to choose a specialty. Your choice will most likely tie in with your past psychic experiences if you’ve had any. For instance, if you feel you’ve connected in some way with the deceased, then becoming a medium should be your specialty. Or, if you enjoy working with Tarot cards, then that specific area should be your forte. Just like in the business world, where finding one’s niche is often the key to becoming a success, the same applies to the world of psychic readings. You can also choose a stage name, which has two purposes. A good psychic name can impart a certain level of mystique which would help with the impression others have of you. In addition, you probably want to keep your anonymity due to the controversial nature of the field, so doing business under your real name is sometimes not a good idea.

You should also have some experience in dealing with people, whether it’s through a previous job in a retail field, or some other way in which you’ve interacted with strangers. So if you’re the shy type that doesn’t particularly enjoy this aspect of the profession, it would be a good idea to gain some experience in customer service, whether it’s through volunteer work or a retail job.

Finally, you should decide the medium over which you want to do business. When many people think of a palm or Tarot reader, they envision a small booth set up at a county fair, but there are many ways to perform psychic readings other than this. You could do it at other people’s houses, your own house, or even over the phone, provided your field is one in which you don’t need to see the subject in person. And many have turned to the internet, setting up their own websites to perform virtual readings for their clients.

Becoming a psychic reader doesn’t just happen overnight. It can take time to research and learn the profession, and many decisions have to be made before you can start performing psychic readings. But with some hard work, it’s possible to parlay your skills into a meaningful part time job, or maybe even a full time career.


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