How to Become a Registered Nurse in the US

The United States is currently experiencing a great shortage of Registered Nurses. This presents a great opportunity to get a lucrative full-time job after completing all of the required training and tests. Registered Nurses are responsible for the care of patients to include recording and observing the patients? medical symptoms. Some Registered Nurses are in supervisory positions and create a care plan for the patient, but do not actually provide direct care for the patients. These supervisory Registered Nurses often have worked in direct care for many years and have obtained higher level degrees such as a Masters of Science in Nursing. Registered Nurses can work in many different settings to include hospitals, schools, Residential Treatment Facilities, Managed Care Facilities, Prisons, and Corporate Locations.

In order to become a Registered Nurse in the United States, you can go through one of three possible avenues. The first is to get an Associate Degree in Nursing, which are generally obtained from two-year programs at Community Colleges. The salaries for Nurses with an Associate degree range from $20,000 a year to $47,000 a year.

The most popular and most recommended option is to get a Bachelor?s of Science Degree in Nursing. These are generally four-year programs. Registered Nurses with a Bachelor?s degree usually earn more than their peers who hold Associates Degrees, as the Medium income for a nurse with this level of education is $60,000. In addition, the more experience and responsibilities that Registered Nurses possess, the more they can possibly earn.

The third option is to attend a Nursing School and earn a Nursing Diploma. This is usually a four-year program as well. Many states have Nursing Schools, and these schools often require an internship at a hospital. Nursing school programs usually cost the same amount as a Bachelor?s of Science Degree, but the amounts vary from school to school. The salaries of these graduates are usually the same as those who complete a Bachelor?s of Science Degree.

In all three degree options, the Registered Nurse Candidate must pass a National Licensing Examination. The Exam requirements vary from state to state, so if a Registered Nurse passes the Examination in one state, he or she might have to take the exam again in another state in order to get a job as a Registered Nurse and become licensed.

Also, Nurses can get additional education in order to work in a specialized area. Some specializations are Psychiatry, Cardiology, Home Care, Pediatrics, and Cancer Treatment. The nurses who earn the highest salaries often have a Masters of Science Degree, and work in supervisory positions. Registered Nurses usually supervise Medical Assistants, Nursing Assistants, and Licensed Practical Nurses.

In addition to the civilian sector, the military is in desperate need of nurses. As a result, if you have good grades in High School, are physically fit, and did well on the SATs or ACTs, you have a good chance of getting a full-paid, four-year scholarship in the Nursing ROTC program at most colleges. Most people apply for these scholarships during their senior year in High School or their freshman year in college. While working on a Bachelors of Science Degree, you will be required to participate in the ROTC program of the College or University, and once you graduate, you will have a three to six year commitment in the military, but will get a great salary as a commissioned officer, with great benefits.

A career in nursing is a great choice no matter which degree program you choose. You are guaranteed a good job with a lucrative salary. You also will have the opportunity to work in a state or government job, and earn a great retirement. Nursing is a rewarding career field with a lot of prospects.


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